Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Ol' England

Even my mom is calling me up to tell me that my blog is awfully depressed. Well, I am, kinda, sometimes. Only when I'm with the ang mohs. I shall try to be happier this post then.

Ah mee, don't scold me please. Uncle Sugar insisted on giving us both a parting gift, gave us 100 pounds to spend on a good thick jacket. Sigh, we had to give face. So he bought us both a double breasted jacket each. Perfect for autumn! I chose a purple one going for only £20 at H&M. That's a great deal! And I managed to get a size 8 one too! We spent a little to make him happy, but not too much lah. I still feel kinda guilty though.

If there's one thing I'm impressed by the British is the extent of efforts commited to recycling, nearly everything. 90% of the time, they wont ask for plastic bag. They would all use a shopping bag. We could use some of that enviromental conscience. I'm gonna me one too! Soon. When I don't feel as stingy.

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Ken said...

chubikia.blogspot is as it was a few months ago. No new updates will be posted there. It's the new one now :)