Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fruit Orchard

Towards the end of our stay in Hereford, we were given the most amazing country experience! The plan was to visit a PYO (pick your own) Fruit Farm, to gawk at berries hanging on their stems. Time was what we had, so we took a leisurely 1 hour walk. A walk through the best of British nature, with plenty of subtle surprises.

A beautiful green tunnel, no explosives required :)
I feel so little. Oh wait, I still am little, hehe.

Vast fields of golden hay

Random scenery picture.
It's gorgeous isn't it? This is what you're missing out on if your English Experience is based entirely on London.

Posing with a green apple tree.
I had a bite of it, but ugh, it tastes better cooked in a pie.

That's blueberries for you.
I used to think that they grow on bushes, but strangely, they grow on scrawny trees in a pot.
Well, we picked at least one berry from each pot anyway, ahahaha... Practically grabbing left and right, stuffing my mouth like clockwork while walking, you don't wanna know how we looked like.

Met some very friendly horses along the way, reminds me of Alice from my last horse camp.

Baa Baa the black sheep is not giving me any wool.
Because we snapped her behind.

Golden pears, looking like irregularly shaped balls.
You know what I mean.

Beetroot, unearthed for a shot, then replanted shortly after.

A single heart shaped strawberry, amongst the unripened ones.

I had a bite, and got inspired.
Advertisement for Mac. Hehehe.

Fresh leafy veggies...!

Some wild raspberries we saw on our way there.

That plant is f**king bigger than my head!

Onion rings earrings.

How can something as smelly as an onion grow such pretty blooms?
Sorry, I am biased against onions.

Other fruit/veggies that are available in this farm.
Actually we have to pay for what we want to take out of the farm.
But we don't have to pay because we take them out with our stomach =P

Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Naturally, I chose the onion-free path.

You there tomato! Don't you dare grow near me.
I don't eat you.
Now everyone knows I don't like eating veggie.

But I do like posing with them!

The farm also has a pair of donkeys.

A couple of pigs, that stink oh so bad.
If only they smell like siew yuk all the time...
They'd be extinct in no time! Muahahaha...

Super fat chickens!!
Reminds me of my ol' pet rooster, Cuckoo... *mourns*

I like this horse the most, see, purposely come near and pose for the camera.
Not to mention, we are wearing the same colours as well!
Since we know each other so well, she's my new BFF!

They know an animal lover when they see one =D
Although one did attempt to chew my jacket out of curiosity. But I believe they're probably saying they can't resist me. LOL. Or that they really are goats that will eat anything.
Best pet to have if you have lots of homework. *winks*

Stupid lame thing.
Thought I might as well have a go since I've come all the way.

With Fong Jie who so kindly brought us for a Fruit buffet.
We left with a belly full of fruits, and not a penny less!

I hope you're terribly sick of me now, because you should really avoid my next entry. Bimbo-ness and blond moments will flood the next post, taken all in the famous Madame Tussauds.

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