Wednesday, August 06, 2008

nearing the end

As I received my payslip today, it suddenly dawned on me that I will only be receiving 2 more after this. The feeling sucks. BIG TIME. No more 250 pounds a week for asking questions. I've just got my poster printed. Miserable piece of work I might add, that's 4am work for you.

Sigh. This week will be an absolute pain. It already is, with that horrible ache on my lower back. It's that wretched bed, and ridiculously pampered british customers. Some are too fussy and stupid beyond comprehension. I wonder how come they're still standing in front of me, and not being beaten up in some back alley.

And then this weekend I have to go shop for Autumn wear because the dreaded cold is back to haunt me again. And then there's also bus tickets to go back to London. Have to spend money. I feel sick already. Why have I turned into some big time scrooge?

Having that good o' staff discount gives me 22.5% off Boots products (which is alot and very good, no kidding) and 12.5% off the rest, this applies on TOP of current promotions as well. I'ma get myself a good cleanser, No7 beauty serum for mom, glucosamine for uncle, and some toiletries. But then, I have already shopped too much that there's enough to fill 2 luggages. I started off with one you see. Sigh, while I'm at it, I might as well get a new bag too =P

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