Thursday, June 26, 2008

oh so london

This will be a photo post, that screams, Oh-So-Ling, louder than the That's-So-Raven on Disney Channel! Pardon the horrible presentation. It's impossible to take pictures without the chilly British wind messing my hair. Speaking of hair, my mane has turned into the fur of a grizzly bear, frizzy and dry and so ugly la.... even the cats on the street has better looking fur. *POUTS*

All the cats in London are so fat, but so manja, as if they have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
I miss manja-ing Fluffy :( No one to sayang me here, quite depressing at times.
What's with all that BM, slaps self, must lose it!!!

Album 1: It's just London being London

Taking selling butts patriotism to a whole new level.
Nice Union Jack undies, heh heh. I'm getting of getting one myself. There's this g-string I saw in Covent Garden that says Mind The Gap, inspired by the London Underground for 5 pounds only! For 5 pounds, you could also wear the Underground map as a boxer! *Snigger*

"Excuse me, sir. I'm lost, can I check your boxers please..."

London also like public artistic displays. This is "Volume". Random people gets to walk around the platform, and as you approach different pillars, you change the music that's playing all around the platform. And the best part is, you never get the same music the way Hitz.Fm does.

The London Eye and The Big Ben in the evening.
Shot from the bridge, which is so absolutely romantic.
Romantic enough for me to spot my first gay couple, 2 men hugging tenderly, titanic style.
I also want....! (not with a gay man ah)

A close up view of The Big Ben, the river, and some ferries at dusk.

My shadow. Apparently the only thing that still looks decent about me in London.

I believe this belongs to London Hilton.
If she exists.

Manja-ing daddy who accompanied me to London for a week.
On the bridge.

Once you breathe in London, you gotta walk like a Londoner.

Attempted pro shot. Sun behind the building, nice effect right?
I swear I didn't photoshop this. I'm still hopeless at photoshop.

The largest sundial I've ever seen. That works.
But in the middle of nowhere.

Trafalgar Square, now pigeon-less.
The place where my parents had to hide their faces because their daughter was chasing pigeons like she hasn't seen one before.
That happened 10 years ago on my last visit to London.

Only one description is fit for this picture.
Charming Knight in Shining Armour on his horse.

Tower Bridge. The one everyone mistakenly calls London Bridge.

Uncle Bear picking up hot chicks, ahem, with his sweet ride.

Album 2: The World of Enid Blyton (Hereford)

Not gonna say anything. Just see and savour.

Extensive greenery. I feel like I can live a year longer now.

Look at the clouds.

Reminds me of the singing flowers from Alice in Wonderland.

Beautiful home grown blooms.

That's Apple Tree for you.

Another novice attempt at photography.

Ling in the meadows.

Fat Farm Chickens, whose eggs we had for breakfast (below).

A real functional fireplace, freshly cut garden blooms, antique metal statue, and a classic and working bellow. Just like the one describe in Enid Blyton.
*Sorry lah, I'm born and bred in KL, anything un-modern fascinates me*

Rooms with authentic decoration, from the 50s preserved in all its glory.

Classic Country English furnishings.
Oh it does make me feel like a farm damsel in distress delight...

Cwm Craig Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast, Little Dewchurch, Hereford.
27 pounds, per person per night.
This is the very English breakfast room. Fresh grapefruit and cherry as a starter.

Fresh Garden tomatoes, locally produced bacon and sausage, garden mushrooms, buttered toast, and fresh farm eggs. In addition to that, we were served cereal, milk, coffee, tea, ginger jam, honey and butter.

Album 3: Tower of London

Pictures taken for the sake of taking them.

Picture taken because everyone was. Kiasu-nye saya =P

The English Yeoman.
The English and the Scots are not that different you know.
They like dressing like a woman, dress, skirts, you name it.

Oh cock!

Good protection for the Big Ol' English cock.

The English are too free.

The subject of this picture is actually the blond guy on the left.
From Pennsylvania, US. Don't ask me how I found out *winkz*
He's very cute , but he looked down. Sigh.
No worries Fluffy, I still prefer Asians ok.

This Saturday, I will be moving to Hereford for my Summer Placement. My new address will be:

41, St. Martins Street, HEREFORD.

I have yet to receive my new SIM card, will update more when I do. By the way, did I mention I will be without internet for 8 weeks during my stay in Hereford?


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