Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mall Fire

OMG, I knew this was gonna appear in the papers.

Read it here:
Fifty Motorbikes burnt in mall fire.

I was there. I could smell the weird smoke disturbing my heavenly inhalation of The J.Co. Donuts aroma. And then an exit at B3 was blocked off due to the fire, Fluffy was ushered away from the exit. From the B2 exit, we could see the fire engine, photographers, and about hundred motorists squatting by the road, wondering if their bikes were gonna be next.

What surprised me was, there was no fire alarm bell, no warning, no nothing. Mall go-ers (including many teeny bopper teens who were there for the Seventeen Magazine Summer Splash at the Sunway Surf Beach) were unsuspectingly breathing in all the toxic gases emitted from the burn of 50 motorbikes. Young 16 year old lungs, destroyed by dangerous fumes!!! Are they gonna only warn the poor unsuspecting shoppers about the fire once it spreads to the malls, or even other cars??? Most people won't even know that they're bikes are on fire! (or cars what might cause more fire!)

It's extremely irresponsible for the Sunway Management! Spread the word.


pamsong said...

Wah! I was there! Didn't know a thing. You're right. It IS irresponsible of Sunway. Tsk tsk.

Drama Llama said...

I ALMOST DIED AND SUNWAY PYRAMID DIDNT INFORM ME?! They should be expecting a lawsuit. Hahahaha -_____-

Schmae said...

my sister gave me your link :)

and she says that we could have died in two ways now! -_- the other by getting run over by a mat rempit stampede.

Falcon said...

very irresponsible of them!!