Monday, June 16, 2008

MAS Euro Fever

Looks like the Euro Fever got into MAS as well.

The pitch....... Bangunan MAS, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
The players... MAS staff
The ball.......... ME

All I want is to apply for extra baggage allowance, simple enough eh? But apparently it's such a complicated task for MAS to handle, that none of the staff are capable of doing just that. Bummer!

1 800 88 3000 hotline says that I should call the HQ, which phone is NEVER picked up. Once at the ticketing office, I took a number and waited patiently until I was served, only to be told that I'm a student and I need not be waiting here. Hence, I was sent upstairs so that they can serve other non-students. And then, upstairs told me "students don't get extra allowance". Bullshit loh. So I played the "my friend got it" card. Grudgingly, he gave me 2 numbers to call: KLIA check-in counter, and KL Sentral check-in counter.

KL Sentral : You didn't declare yourself as student before you buy you ticket.
I said: I f*king booked it online, what, I'm supposed to tell the computer I'm a student is it?
KL Sentral : I'm sorry I cannot help you.

KLIA: I give you another number.
New Number: No one picked up for the first 5 attempts.
New Number: Maybe you can write a letter to the HQ.
Me: HQ was the one who directed me here!!!

Conclusively, I spent ringgits in calls, petrol and valuable time to become MAS's Euro Football. Kicked about among their staff/players, and then got kicked off the pitch. I didn't even get to the goal! F*king MAS, no wonder your business is dwindling.

I don't know what to tell everyone. I guess, if you're intending to fly MAS, DON'T if you don't wish to pay for excess baggage. If you insist to fly MAS, you can either fly First Class, fly with Enrich membership, or make sure you are promised extra baggage allowance BEFORE you buy.

I hope all the staff that served me today get a 100 times more shitty customer tomorrow. Hopefully one who pukes on them.

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