Thursday, June 05, 2008

free organs

I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time. All this while I've been terribly upset that I have failed in all my attempts at blood donation. Over-eating a few days before the donation, filling my belly with water, wearing heavy shoes, stuffing keys into my pocket minutes before being weighed. No matter what I do, I was always rejected for being UNDERWEIGHT... =( Hello, I am a type "O", HIV negative, and have LOW cholesterol! They are denying needy people of high quality blood!!! *cheh, praising my own blood now some more* =P

Finally I have found an alternative where my weight would not hold be back! I'm am now an official ORGAN DONOR, and proud of it! *smug*

Yes, I get an ugly card for my generous offerings. Lol. Just in case anything (CHOI!) happens to me, they can find out my identity and my donor status from my purse =) Then my organs won't go to waste.

Today I'm promoting ORGAN DONATION, A Gift of Life... Be a HERO and save a life today, not at the expense of your time/money/life, because not all of us can afford to do so. And also because not all of us have the intelligence and funds to build a titaniumm gold suit like IRON MAN! Don't let your organs rot with you when you go. Even though it rots in a coffin, the nutrients from your degradation stays in the coffin, and does not even contribution to soil nutrients. How sad is that? You die and you get confined in some coffin. End of story.

How about saving lives? Imagine your organs still surviving past your death, continuing to save lives by chain reaction! You see, a simple act of kindness can go a long way. By saving a life, you can make many family and friends happy. At the same time, you get to reach out to their hearts, inspiring them to promote kindness as you do. One body, multiple organs, save multiple lives.

In addition, its entirely flexible! You can choose which organs you want to donate, which means you don't have to be skinned if you don't wish to donate your skin. If you insist to be buried after your death, you can still donate internal organs, leave the skin alone, and they will throw in complimentary stuffing to stuff you up like Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizza, so you don't appear as hollow as The Grim Reaper. Nice huh?

Common FAQs extracted from for your reference.

Who can be a donor?

Anyone, young and old can sign up to be a donor. Individuals below 18 years of age will need parental/guardian consent.

What is organ donation?
It is the gift of ones body parts after death for the purpose of transplantation. Transplantation is an operation, which involves the replacement of diseased and defective organs & Tissues with healthy ones from donors. This treatment helps save lives of people. Organ and tissue donation is the ultimate humanitarian act of charity.

What are the organs & tissues that can be donated?
The commonly transported organs are kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and pancreas while the transplantable tissues are eyes, bone, skin and heart valves. Thus a single donor can save the lives of a number of people.

When are the organs & tissues removed?
Only when death has been confirmed by two registered doctors. The doctors involved with certification of death are not involved in the transplant operation at all.

Will my hospital treatment be affected if they know that I am a donor?
Absolutely not. The doctors will undertake every known measure to save your life right till the end. Only when they have exhausted all ways and means to save your lives will the question of organ & tissue donation be discussed with your relatives.

Are there any religious objections?
No. All the major religions of the world -- Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism endorse organ & tissue donation as the ultimate act of charity and benevolence.

How are the organs removed?
The process of organ and tissue donation involves a sterile surgical operation undertaken by a skilled team of surgeons. There is no mutilation or disfiguration of the body. The donor is treated with utmost respect and dignity as in any operation. Following removal of the organs and tissues, the surgical wound will be closed just as in any other operation.

What if I change my mind later?
Organ donation is voluntary and if at any point you decide against donating your organs and tissues, all you have to do is to inform your family about it and return your donor card.

Will the process of organ donation delay the funeral arrangements?
Not at all. Arrangements for funeral can be made as in any case of death. Following the removal of the organs and tissues, the body will be cleaned & draped and returned to the family within the shortest possible time. Removal of organs and tissues does not interfere with the customary funeral or burial including open casket arrangements.

How can I become a donor?
Simply complete a donor pledge form and forward the form to the National Transplant Resource Center. You will receive a registration card from the Center. Please inform your family of your wish to be an organ and tissue donor.

For further information, contact:
The National Transplant Resource Center, Hospital Kuala Lumpur
03-2615-5555 ext 6576 (Hospital KL)
or 03-26942705.

Get your forms HERE!!!


Falcon said...

I will said i want to go register but i always procasinate..

But its good cause...

Miss Q said...

Yepe, be an Organ Donor!! Me is going to register soon when the donation drive organize in my uni...