Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Girls Dont Cry

I guess these are times when you really feel like a big girl. Emotionally lah, my tits and my height isn't going anywhere...*grumbles* You know, when you're finally leaving your comfort zone for good. (2 years is counted as "for good" right) To a place where I will be as vulnerable as a newborn, as raw as the oyster at high class japanese buffets (means very raw, duh.)

And no, renting a place in the Malaysia Campus is not counted okay. Because I get to flee the jungle with my laundry back into mommy's arms every weekend, then Caveman Fluffy will drag me away from my luxuries back into the jungle every Sunday. During my days in Semenyih, I was a little girl alright, crying before exams, chased by jungle roaches and all.

I've got my luggages 99% packed, the figure 99% never progresses, because there WILL be something that I forgot to throw into the bag. You know, it's just me, being my absent minded self, which scares me to bits. What if I don't bring enough underwear, or or or forgot to bring my toothbrush? Then I'll just have to reassure myself that no one will notice that I'm not wearing underwear under layers of clothes. And that people won't smell a thing because smelly breath diffuses slowly in cold weather, and their noses will be too frozen too tell. But then again, AngMohs have such BIG NOSTRILS! Sigh, cannot escape already =(

Speaking of luggages, here's an ironic fact. Collectively, my luggages weight much more than I do, by at least 10%. And I just wonder how on earth am I gonna lug them all the way out of the airport. Perhaps it's a good thing after all that MAS didn't grant me extra baggage allowance. I won't be able to carry them all anyway. Though, I still do not approve of their actions! That being said, I'm flying with a promotional ticket costing 1/3 of the normal ticket and STILL demanding my full privileges as a flyer. What a horrible customer I am, heh heh. I am MAS Staff's latest nightmare!!!! *plays scary music on organ*

I will miss a lot, especially:

- everyone who shares my blood (mosquitoes not included)
- Fluffy
- my alternative family: daddy CY, Eugene gor, YinYen jie, Ronny uncle, and other relatives.
- my housemates who are always there for me, the unsmelly ones, mind you.
- all my classmates, current and previous
- my dancing koi fishes
- my queen sized bed that smells like me
- my very own toilet and shower
- using electricity and water at will
- being able to afford shopping
- ASTRO!!!
- and so much more I'm too lazy to list because I need to sleep now.

The only bit of optimism left in me is fueled by my anticipation of a 14 hour plane ride. I love being in the sky. Makes me feel like there are endless possibilities to everything. Cliche much?

It's funny when I think back to 3 years ago. I was so sure that I was gonna study Zoology at The University of Cape Town, South Africa. A century old university with 3 Nobel Prize winners under it's belt. My passion was so strong, I even thought of specializing in Ornithology, the study of birds. Haha, I was naive. Life is never this simple and straight forward. Here I am, flying to UK, for Pharmacy.

Enough of reminiscing. I'm looking forward, and am hoping to make the best out of it. So far Pharmacy has been kind to me. With the latest results release, I'm proud to say that this is my best ever results in univeristy. Good enough to make up for the mess last semester and still score better than my Year 1 average. Who says you need passion to do well now huh? Plain ol' hard work will do.

I will constantly be updating my journey here whenever I can, expect Camwhore 101 with The Ling. Mates, you know you can avoid the little bumps along the way if you pay attention to Ling-o-logy. Now focusing on traveling =)

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