Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is The Ling, reporting live, and alive, from London, England =)

Touched down undelayed at 3.40 pm, I dragged my 14 hour flattened arse to enter a too-warm-for-my-comfort Heathrow Airport. The first thing that amused me was the segregation system at their immigration. In there you can only be identified with 2 ways: UK/EU passport holder or REST OF THE WORLD PASSPORTS. Obviously, the UK/EU line was shorter, by far! Sure enough, "the rest of the world" is queuing very long for immigration clearance into UK. There were Malaysians, Americans, Chinese, Middle Easterners, etc. Don't know how many planes conspired to land together, just to make my life more miserable.

Just as if that wasn't enough, I had a little hiccup at the immigration. Mates, pay attention here. I was so hoping to get served by the smiley guy, who resembles a slimmer, fitter version of Dr.Wiart. However, it's just my luck that I was called forward by this guy who's looks so stern as if I ran off with his favourite heart shaped boxers. Upon showing him my visa, he interrogated me, not asked me, mind you. Despite my best efforts in coming up with convincing answers and showing him my Unconditional Offer Letter, he still wasn't convinced that I'm didn't come here to just rob him of his boxers. Bloody British B*st*rd (BBB from now on) claims that my offer letter wasn't clear enough stating that I should be studying in the UK. I mean, hello, I was approved for a UK STUDENT VISA for something! Probably gotta get to Dr.Doughty about this. However, after much lengthy persuasion, he stamped my visa.

And then I was sent to the health control unit. All I had to do, was present my medical report and my x-ray. *poof* I was cleared and let loose into the UK border, weeee~~~!

In the airport itself, I saw my first Boots The Chemist, which looks GORGEOUS...! After several days in london, I've only seen Boots though, haven't seen Lloyds or anything around, which is weird. Hmm. Anyway I was chaffeured to my uncle's place by a rented Estate Car. For 57 pounds to East London, this car comes with a driver, and a car capable of 4 humans, 4 large luggages, and 4 smaller ones.

Meet Aziz, the driver who originated from Afghanistan. How cool is that? I get to brag about meeting a live Afghanistani who's not about the bomb my brains into pieces, hehehe. He hates London for its exorbitant prices though.

Me : What's your name?
Aziz : My name is Aziz.
Dad : Oh, Aziz ah...
Aziz : No, it's Aziz, Azizah is for girls!
Me : Note to self, gotta lose the Manglish, pronto!

I think I gained like 2 kgs already. At the rate I'm eating, like a Londoner that is, it won't be long till I gain free membership to The Obese Club. Surprisingly, my stomach has adapted much faster than my brain. No significant jet lag for me, but my brain and body is EXTREMELY CONFUSED. It's cold on the outside, and warm-enough-to-sweat on the inside. Even public toilets have warm water coming out of their taps. It's ridiculous. Plus, the sun rises at about 5.30am, sets at 10 pm. Prolonged brightness disables my sleeping ability.

Happy English Stephen having an English Breakfast, cooked by my uncle.

Have been touring London extensively on foot, so I think I can conquer Broadgate-Queens Medical Centre in 15 minutes! Ahah! By the way, my Reebok has been wonderful to my feet =) And I've also heard Reeboks are what English run around with during winter. Get one.

And I've been to Marks & Spencers.... one word, GORGEOUS!!! I'm so in love with it. Bought my Spring/Autumn duvet 9.0 tog duvet there... Cotton filled, for just over 30 pounds, and Reversible Dual-colour Bedset: duvet cover+bedsheet+pillow case for 15 pounds. And there's more: 2 hollowfibre pillows for 3.80 pounds, plus a compact umbrella for 5 pounds. What a freaking bargain for such a quality product!!! You can forget about bringing your Malaysian blankets and umbrella, it's useless here.

(Tog is the warmth rating of your duvet/blanket)

Summer duvets are 4.5 tog, Spring/Autumn requires 7-9.5 togs, Winter will demand 10-13.5 tog duvets. As you can see, you WILL need a thicker, warmer blanky, even with indoor heating. I chose 9.0 tog because I brought along a compact throw blanket to be used for summer and combined with my duvet for winter, muahahaha, I feel smart. For umbrellas, Malaysian umbrellas will flip the moment it meets UK's cold drafts, and also heavy for your luggage. BUY HERE.

Don't bring shampoos and other toiletries. You can get them from dirt cheap prices, from superstores, except for facial products, cleansers are SUPER EXPENSIVE.

More pictures on my London Adventures next time. To be continued...

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siusiu said...

suet ling! glad to know tat everything seemed fine aft ur arrival. i hope tat de immigration Dr. wiart wont be checking me..haha. do let us know if u've got ur hp no. yea. i'll be arriving at heathrow airport on 23rd of july. n wud definitely luv to hear more bout ur experience in de uk!!