Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet Obama

Well in case you didn't know, President Elect Barack Hussein Obama is now President Obama... or, or, or, let me do it Disney's "Cory's in the House" style,

The President of The United States of America
Heh heh heh.

One man. Big title. Grand day. World History. Hopes. Faith. Emotions. Determination. Responsibility. Justice. Equality. Reality.

Missed it because of something important?
I've done the work for you. Thank you, I know you love me.

Missed it because you dont care?
I'm gonna spoonfeed you anyway, because you HAVE to see it.

And partly because I'm a brand new fan of Obama's presidential aura! =) It is so great that it totally knocked out the Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, I think. No, that's not really it. Reports say that he was knocked out by a seizure, and will be discharged from the hospital overnight. It is also said that he has battled brain cancer in the not so distant past. He probably has Gliadel somewhere in there, heh heh.

Click me to watch the Full Video of the Inauguration Speech
I think it's a good piece of wisdom and maturity that everyone should be exposed to. Especially some. It's public speaking at its best, I say.

So far, I love only his presidential aura. We have seen that this man can promise, he knows what Americans need. But can he deliver? It's too soon to say he can. But hopes and prayers are with him, to help see him through this tough time.

I hope people remember that he is still a man in a new job. He needs time to pick things up, first to correct the mistakes of the past, before he can bring the nation forward. It must be scary to have millions of people have such high hopes for you.

Despite my doubts and realistic thoughts. I have a good feeling about this =)

p/s: First Lady Obama looked absolutely stunning in her dress for the Inauguration Balls! Look up videos of The First Couple's First Dance in various Inauguration Balls, if you'd like to see the President doing a booty bump!

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