Monday, December 10, 2007

car accident

So I got into a car accident today. One of the cars was badly dented. Traumatised, I rummaged through my bag looking for my handphone. All I could think of was to call my boyfriend, to tell him that I was OK. No one was badly hurt, as the 2 drivers started to negotiate. Before I knew it, the other party was busy recruiting their people by the dozens. Without even glancing, I sighed. We are only a group of 5 female students. How can we possibly go up against such a large group of menacing looking people.

It rang... *thanks goodness*
No one picked up.

I tried again... It's still ringing *hopeful*
Still no one picked up.

I lost count of how many calling attempts I made. All I can remember was that none of the calls were answered.

And so I sat there, staring at the arguing, unrelenting drivers arguing in the rain. Cold and wet, I felt useless and scared. Partly grateful that no one was hurt, and that I can live a moment longer. What's next?

An hour later, he finally called.

"I was waiting for my phone to charge."


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