Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to me


Nyahahaha... secret code! Okay, so it's not so secret. It's so freaking easy almost all of you with a brain can figure it out. Just wanna say it's "secret" because I want to syok sendiri, teeheehee...

Thank you everyone! Fluffy, my dear family, my lovely housemates, my coursemates, my unimates, my guitar kaki(s), my chatmates, my college mates, my high school friends, and even elementary school friends, and other people whom I don't recall how we met, for making my day so absolutely special! But to some, I just want to say sorry, because, CELCOM HAD A NETWORK DISRUPTION ON 04/12/2008 12 AM TO 6 AM ! For those who tried to call, or sms during that period, I'm sorry but I never got it. I didn't realise that till the next morning when some people was surprised that I didn't reply... with the exception of one person, who was emo because I didn't reply! Hahaa.... Who? Big hint, EMO.

BIG THANK YOUs, I LOVE YOUs to all! It really mean alot to me *sob sob*, and I'm really touched! Muaxes to all!

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Shenq said...

I really dont know the secret !