Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's easy to make a promise. But no one said it would be easy to keep one.

I don't know how other people interpret a promise. And frankly, I don't care, it's their right, they get to choose whatever suits them best. When someone promises me something, I expect them to follow my definition of a promise.

Everybody says stuff. Not everyone mean it all the time. I would say I disapprove of it, but it would make pretty much everyone else in the world very guilty. Let's just put it this way, we're all adults. When we say something, we have to mean it. Especially men. Oh, what's that cantonese chinese saying again? It goes something like, "gong dak chut, yiew jo dak dou". It means, if you have the balls to say it out loud, you must be able to do it. (The balls part is actually of my own addition, nothing to do with the saying.) I have lost trust in everyday words, I don't take them into heart 99% of the time. First of all, I HATE (with capital letters) getting disappointed. But when someone is gentleman/ gentlewoman enough to keep his/her word, I will be very pleased and that would make my day.

Ok fine, there are exceptions to it. There are, however, circumstances where words can't be kept for a million and one reasons. Humans are getting so creative, every new excuse seems so much more high tech than the other.

And then humans decided to come up with a concept of "Promises". A stronger level of words, more reliable than just saying. When someone promises, someone really means it, and will do it. It's something we can trust to happen, something we can rely on, something we can have confidence in, something that won't disappoint. Supposedly. By my definition, a promise should be kept at all times, no exceptions, no matter what. Yes, it is that sacred to me. If one is not sure that the promise can be delivered, don't make me a promise. I'd rather the person just "say", rather than "promise". Spare me of the disappointment, else I would feel like I'm being cheated to. Imagine having your spirits lifted up so high, giving you hopes, only to crush it all later on. The only excuses I would take for breaking promises are, family emergencies, when someone is in danger or when a life is at stake. Rain, traffic jams, exams, forgot-to-do-my-laundry, as excuses are unacceptable. Hey, it's not my fault that you're disorganized. When you make me a promise, I expect you to sincerely want to make something happen, by hook or by crook. At least, show some initiative and eagerness.

So what do you call a promise that has not been fulfilled, although there were plenty of excellent opportunities that the promise could be made to happen.

Broken or unaccomplished?
If it's unaccomplished? When will it be considered broken? Is it when I'm dead, and the promise has 0% chance of happening?

P/s: I'm on holiday now, wee~ Semester 3 is finally over, and dreadfully, exams are in January. Will be nerding, and whining on my blog more often now =)

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