Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

"Tanggal dua puluh lima, bulan sepuluh, lima puluh tujuh...
lahir bapa saya, hari jadi dia,
sambut dengan jiwa yang merdeka....!"

I gotta admit, that's fits Sulaiman's Tanggal 31 song pretty well XD I LOVE IT!!
*syiok sendiri*

My beloved daddy turns the big FIVE-O. Psst, don't say F-I-F-T-Y, he said it makes him sound old... And so, in place of the traditional cake and the home cooked dinner filled with all the goodness my mom can afford to throw into the wok, we decided to make it BIG, as in REAL BIG~ So unlike our simple, chin-cai style, but people is turning half a century old mah!

With over 20 guests in total, we celebrated at the renowned japanese restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel, ZIPANGU.

Zipangu, by Nadaman.

The amazing array of wine surrounding us upon entry. The alcohol lover in me just can't resist it. If I were to rob anywhere once in my lifetime, I would rob this wine collection and I just know that I will die happily ever after.

We sneakily got the waitress to reserve a reclusive corner of the restaurant with a little more space for our monkey business privacy. Ironically, a high class restaurant like this does not offer any private function rooms for booking. We were seated behind some water feature decor, really far away from the food. I guess it allowed us time to digest a little between our buffet rounds =) I was so disgustingly bloated, after like 3 rounds.

Some of the yummy super uber fresh sashimi, 4 thumbs up (from both hands and feet, no kidding) for their fresh salmon! I such a glutton for raw salmon that I chowed down so much that I thought I was gonna suffer from diarrhoea later on for raw food overdose. To announce something that I'm very proud of achieving that day, I ATE FRESH OYSTERS! Without the least urge to throw up! This is only my second attempt and I finally get to savour the real satisfaction, the reason behind the incredible popularity of Oyster lovers worldwide! Okay, maybe the other reason lays in the aphrodisiac part of it. But taste too you know? Sucks to think that I sunk my teeth into not-so-fresh oyster on my first attempt, it was so horrible I shied away from the fresh seafood palate for nearly a year. Oh, I missed out on so much potentially juicy and yummy oysie babies!

Types of salad available are more than I can count with the fingers on your hand. Unless of course, your hands are actually live tentacles, then you wouldn't have any fingers to count with in the first place.

I didn't bother to take too many pictures either, forgive me. I become especially fickle when distracted by a yummylicious japanese buffet spread. Stomach more important, hehe. It has been tortured with Semenyih food long enough. Several times during the day, I reminded Bernard to take the pictures, and he too didn't take much. He's too occupied with his Salmon Head to bother about me I guess. Again, he has failed to give me the photos I need. To hell with the lot of it, I shall just blog without. It has happened so often that I've grown numb to it. That's what happens when he's too busy, with what I have no idea, must be something extremely important, more important than me of course...

My dad's birthday cupcakes! Cute huh? Yeah I know it's real colourful, and kiddie, and girlie... We're celebrating a 50 year old's birthday like it's a 5 year olds. Lol, he'll always be a little boy to us, let him reminisce the past 50 years of life with this. This is the future of birthdays I tell you. Not only are they so adorable, they are handy, no plates, no cutleries, no tissue, no knife, easy to take away and best of all, no arguments about wanting a bigger or smaller size! Anyway, these cupcakes were ordered from my previous florist boss, so far I've got some people really interested in these little cuties. They are definitely more affordable than those from Bisou or any other specialty house, but I guarantee they are as yummy, if not yummier! Hence, I shall give you all the contacts...

Purple Butterfly Flowers & Gifts
Valencia Sungai Buloh.
Call Suan, 012-2687566.

A last picture of myself, my outfit and the water feature. I really do think I look pretty tall here XD Too bad it didn't turn out well.

That pretty much concludes it. For those who attended, please ask me for the pictures directly, I'm too lazy to upload the high resolution ones =P Saving my fats for a better reason *wink*

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