Friday, July 14, 2006

My Virgin Attempt at a Chiffon

I'm slacking so much lately, I have stuff to blog about, and yet, there isn't enough motivation in me to get my effectors to work. Geez... Will someone please force me to do some work?

Yes, I am perfectly aware that the following is so horribly outdated. Anyway...

Kudos to Italy, the reigning Football Champion!

This shot is dedicated to their mind blowing success...

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Courtesy of Leong. Nyahaahaahaa...this is football fever. The proud Italian flag, made of banana leaf (green), tissue that's stuck on the leaf with who-knows what (maybe someone's mucus), and curry that came with Leong's thosai. So what if we don't have an Italian flag to wave when the Italian dudes are high-ing about their victory, resulting in an abundance of ''Brokeback'' scenes (Shaun's idea), on television? We have an ''edible'' Italian flag on a shiny thosai plate to wave around with, LOL. It's one of a kind =P

On the controversy revolving Zidane's illustrious career, I have something to say about that. I admit that I wasn't overly upset over the football great receiving a red farewell gift from the referee, that's because I'm on the Italian's side. However, I did manage to observe some ridiculous attitudes from people, not just here, but world wide. This dramatic scene...

...sorta reminded me of Nicol David (our national squash champ)and the Brazilian football team, Ronaldinho especially. When these professionals are performing at their peak, winning tournaments, breaking records and so forth, everyone ADORES then. They get titles, cash, prizes, endorsement contracts, praises, publicity, blah blah blah. It's as though they are being worshipped as a God. That's fine. But when on one dark day, they just failed to shine like some super lightbulb. From then onwards, everything goes downhill... FAST. People get disappointed, thus lashing out harsh criticisms, insults, and blames these poor fellows. Come on, they ARE humans after all. They make mistakes, they experience being under the weather, they maybe unlucky, but they did NOT ask to perform badly. If given a choice, surely they wouldn't have chosen to disappoint the public? People should realise that the players themselves get upset too. By highlighting their faults on headlines as well as tarnishing their reputations in every way possible, isn't going to help at all. What's done is done. Bloody public you're just making the situation worse. You all are like daggers stabbing the already wounded players, literally forcing them out of their field. Is that how you treat a hero that once made all of you proud? What about all their previous hard earned achievements? All erased because of a casual, unintentional error? I scoff at the public's ungrateful demeanor. I wonder if anyone thought of nursing these embarassed professionals to rediscover their touch. For that, I believe that Zinedine Zidane deserves his Golden Ball award. This, from a non-France fan. In my opinion, Zidane did not deliberately knock Materazzi in the chest. Honestly, who would want to have head contact with a sweaty, stinky, sticky and dirty player? (hey, he might have BO too, for all you know), and a striking RED card on his last international appearance, with a big and shiny golden trophy that coincidently resembles his bald head at stake? I do believe that he has been provoked, and out of anger, the beast in him has been unleashed. Psychologically speaking, people do lose their heads for certain reasons. When that happens, the surge in emotions will trigger instinctive responses, similiar to reflexes. Even the trained will then be powerless to resist it. Obviously, Zidane is still upset about the ordeal. As an Italian fan, I still gotta say that I am ashamed that Materazzi did not show any signs of remorse.

Gosh, I'm still having football fever. Remind me the next time I start rambling about football again. F1 in Magny-Cours this weekend, wee~~

After a hectic week at work at the florist's, I'm super duper glad to have today off. I desperately tried to catch up on my sleep (still failing to break my personal sleeping record because I can't stand being hungry for so long). Since I've got so much time, I decided to embark on another culinary adventure! (pretend to be excited lah) There were several before, but I had not time to blog about it. Good news is, my previous attempt to bake Sheng a farewell cake turned out fine. Lol, he's still alive and should be in Australia by now. As for today, I tried my hand on something different. Tis, my mates, my virgin attempt at Citrus Chiffon Cake.

*drumroll please*

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Anyone who's interested in a slice please visit me, lol. I guarantee personal nursing (by none other than moi) should anything happen to you while or after consumption. While stocks last! =P

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