Saturday, July 22, 2006

Relaxation Extreme!

"Ah moi.....! "

I hate these moments. You know some morons are asking for trouble. A sense of irritation brewed inside me. I glanced briefly in the direction where that call came from. And to do that, I turned my head to my right, then downwards.

A clique of teenagers that appears to be of Malay descend, squatting neatly in a row on the pavement, whistling and coaxing in my direction. Sigh... another bunch of good-for-nothings. I rolled my eyes and looked somewhere else, attempting to give them the idea that I'm not about to entertain them. Sure enough, they gave up pretty fast, for they soon realised they ain't gonna get the slightest bit of fun outta me.

Seriously, don't they have anything better to do? I find it so degrading that they are doing this to themselves. What benefits do they get outta this anyway? I'd sure like to know if there ARE any. Surely they can't fish a number like that? If they could the girl who gave it must've been devastatingly desperate. The sight of them is beyond annoying, besides being terribly embarassing. Several red haired angmohs never stopped staring. My instincts told me to crawl under the nearest bench to hide my face there. Sadly, the ostrich's method of "hide-my-head-in-the-sand-so-I-don't-see-anything-means-nothing's-happening" does not apply in reality. This is a common piece of Malaysian public I would love to blanco off with a large, stinky bucket of invisible paint. I bet if I had given them a good hard kick in the asses, forcing them onto the railway to be run over by the train, the huge crowded they would've have applauded me. Heck, I may even be conferred a title by some Malay royalty for Selfless Act of Public Service. (p/s: I want the YB Tan Sri title, Datuk sounds too old, Thank you.)

That, was on Saturday, on my way back from MidValley. I thought I felt exhausted, as I didn't felt as chatty and upbeat with my so called "date". In the end, I ended up at the florists having a lovely time chatting with the girl who covers the rest of the week. Ahh~ the wonderful talent we have embedded in our XX chromosomes. Girls can talk about absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime. This little trip to my workplace, has been rewarding. I left refreshed, rejuvenated, reenergised, and was given this free...

Looks too good to be eaten right? Yummie... CHOCOLATE cupcakes! For sale at the florists only on weekends, RM 2.50 a piece. Listen on, not only did I got these FOC, I even got another batch on Sunday! Imagine the satisfaction just indulging in those tempting looking treats all weekend. Sinking your teeth into fresh, chocolatey, soft, sweet, calorie-full little devils. Hmmm... heavenly!

"Chat & Eat Therapy" worked wonders, I tell you. I shed my weariness in the locker room for my swimsuit and into the pool I go. 10 continuous laps without losing my breath and no aches. The result is miraculous. To maximise my self-spoiling weekend, I pampered myself further. While I was in Mid Valley, I couldn't resist this...

Facial mask, at RM 5.90, plus 20% discount, suitable for 2 applications. What a deal! I've never been a big fuss with all this beauty thing, but it's an affordable luxury in this case. Try it! Chuck it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before slapping it onto your face. I don't particularly feel any drastic difference on my skin. Being the critically realistic hope-crusher that I am, I don't give a damn bout what they say on the back of the sachet. I regard those crap as bullshit. However, I must compliment its fragrance and the feeling it induces the moment it touches my skin. Smelt great, felt even better. Who cares if those masks don't do magic? This is the price I'm willing to pay for 20 minutes of bliss.

Felt ridiculously happy the rest of the day, smiling away for no apparent reason, looking extremely bonker-ish, like those you would find in psych wards. Didn't even throw a tantrum when I found out someone has been nipping away at one of my chocolate bars. I felt like, how could've I have been so weirdly happy? It's so fake, like I was on morphine, heroine, or whatever kind of drugs. But hey, I ain't complaining. Lol... No wait, I REALLY need to be put under 24/7 surveillance. Its abnormal behaviour we're talking about. I may have lost some screws out there this time, with the over-indulgence. Is spoiling myself badly a bad thing on its own, in the first place?

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