Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rooney Vs Ronaldo

Warning: England supporters and Football haters may want to skip this entry to avoid high blood pressure.

Wayne Rooney [ENG] said he's going to break Cristiano Ronaldo [POR] in half the next time he sees him. I laughed my head off when I heard this on the radio earlier. Tsk tsk tsk, that's so UNSPORTING of Rooney now, isn't it? It's the same quality in him that earned him...


He carelessly trod on Ricardo Carvalho's [POR] groin *Ouch*

Verdict: Clumsy.

He pushed Cristiano Ronaldo [POR], for no reason. (I didn't see Ronaldo talk/ touch/ provoke him at all)

Verdict: Ill tempered, Unsporting.

He pushed Ronaldo in front of the referee, at the same time that he was being considered whether a carded should be awarded.

Verdict: Utterly stupid.

I would say that both teams were very evenly matched in terms of potential, as both teams had many chances of winning that game. In the end, Portugal won by penalty shootout.

Dear England fans, if you have ignored the warning above and is reading this now, you know this is the truth, Rooney ruined your team's chances *EVIL SMIRK*... Love, Me.

P/s: Yeah, I'm not a big fan of young Rooney, bear with it. Please allow me to stress that I do like several England players such as Gerrard and Lampard. Thus, this entry is directed at the player, not the England team. Yeah, i don't like him. Kill me.

Let's go back to the juicy part...

Introducing, Cristiano Ronaldo, standing tall at 1.84 metres, and weighing in at 75 kgs.

Second from Right. Check out those muscles. I know, he's an eye pleaser right?

Cristiano Ronaldo, remember the name.

Can't resist adding another =D

Let's not get carried away. Now meet Wayne Rooney, who's only a mere 1.78 metres tall, and check this out, weighs in at a whopping 78 kgs. If you compare them both, you'd realise that one is not only shorter, but heavier too, which makes him relatively fatter. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Blubber. That's what I see, kinda resembles a dugong, in my opinion.
Looks like Ronaldo's [BRA] not the only fat dude in the competition. Oh wait, Brazil lost recently right? In that case, both fat dudes did not progress. This shows that teams with (fat doesn't sound very nice, does it? I'll substitute it with a word that's less mean) less fit players, could be a liability for the team. Not only in terms of performance, but also the cost to sponsor an entire team, since they eat so much. That could've cost the team better shoelaces.

That being said, can you possibly imagine the shorter and stouter Rooney break Ronaldo in half? HAHA... big talker! It's so much likelier that Ronaldo break him into half instead.

Rooney brought all the mess to himself, and he's putting the blame on someone else.

Verdict: irresponsible

Did not learn from mistakes, holds grudge, and most probably seeking revenge.

Verdict: stubborn

*shakes head*

There. Rooney has sabotaged Ronaldo's future in Manchester United, and probably Manchester United's future in the English Premiere League as well. That's so evil of him. But then again, rumours have it that a move to Real Madrid is possible for Ronaldo! Wee~ that's where all the football greats of today are! So I guess Rooney's not that bad after all for paving a better road for Ronaldo to walk on. Bwahaahaahaa~ He's so gonna flush himself down the toilet bowl when he finds out what he has just done for Ronaldo.

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