Thursday, June 29, 2006

Destination: Redang Island

Tanned, tired, but thrilled... I want to revisit that island again!

Just take a look at this:

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THIS, my comrades, is the vacation we deserve, after slaving over paper products at the expense of blood and sweat for the past 2 gruelling months. Breathtaking sunny beaches, soft white sand, sparkling blue waters, hunk/babe watching, salty sea breeze, mmmm...

The sight of this beautiful island was especially surprising, considering the ride there didn't go as well as I had hoped. The bus ride, is ultimately the WORST I've ever had. People, don't you ever go for non-VIP ''Mutiara'' buses. This is a community service message. The seats are microscopic (okay, so i exaggerated a little, but hey, they ARE small, not that my bum is large anyway...), but the worst thing about it is the part where you lean on. I can't find a way to describe the discomfort I felt leaning against it. No matter how I adjusted my posture, or manipulated the seat, there was no way I could find a comfortable spot on that piece of junk. Gah, so much for snoozing in the bus. Its no wonder my pictures turned out so horrible, eyebags and all.

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We had several amusing snorkelling trips there. Lol, found out that Xian couldn't swim, so some of us were giving her some swimming lessons, FOC. Then there was this trip to the Marine park, and we were given bread to feed the fishes. Xian sorta gave a little scream when sum hungry little fishies came near her bread. That made her let go, LOL, I couldnt stop laughing. BIG MISTAKE. I should've done the same thing, minus the scream, of course. While I was happily feeding, a large colourful (purple, blue, green, and yellow) fishie took a big bite on my finger. OUCH! I know my fingers are all soaked so wrinkly it resembled a raisin (wonder if fishes eat raisins), but would it please let go after biting it by mistake? I have a high suspicion that it happened to be carnivorous as I had to shake it a little before it finally let go of my finger. Tsk, tsk, tsk, I was forced to be a lefthander for several days afterwards. Other snorkelling adventures include swimming alongside FOUR baby sharks. Boy, they're so beautiful, it sparked up my interest in Zoology again. Once again, the offer from Melbourne poped up. Ironically, the sharks are not the ones who bit me.

Lookie who I found bikini-chicks-hunting...
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Oh, I can't resist not talking about this. We have alot of Ah Pek's with us on the trip, especially Ming! "Tired", "Pain" and "Sleep" was all he whined about throughout the trip. I bet even Ah Pek's themselves have more stamina. Loong whined about sunburns, and Anthony suffered that too. Poor guys, should've asked us for a large dollop of sunblock lotion. I also pity them for having to put up with me dehydrating them all the way, Leong in particular. The Goddess of Sweat has to do her job you know? TuanEe, well, has been a good sport at our little games. Way to go Mr.Pie! Girls, I hope you all recover from those burns real soon, especially Zuo En who now has a wonderful but painful red tan. Chii and Le has exceptional stamina, and went for more snorkelling than any of us, OUTDOING the boys. HAH! A point for the girls!

The accomodation's cozy and comfy. I won't say its awfully pretty or high-tech, let alone well equiped, but it's, just right, ya know what I mean? Sure, there's no telly (no world cup), no refridgerator, no shampoo prepared, no keycards, no telephone, somehow, we didn't seem to be needing them throughout the trip. Just ourselves for company is more than enough to drain out every last bit of energy from me. Especially the karaoke session where we celebrated Anthony's birthday, which is followed by a short dance session ala-disco by the beach.

A very touched Anthony...
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Too bad I don't have the shot of TuanEe groovin'...
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Beach babes revealing abit of skin (arms or legs)... feast your eyes peeps!
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Err, the boys wanna steal the limelight by revealing more skin...
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On the last day, we were supposed to watch the sunrise together. Expectedly, only a handful of us had adequate willpower to get out of bed. This is what most of you all missed.

A magnificent sunrise, admire those skies...
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And so we left Redang Island on a beautiful Monday morning, with Mr. Robert chasing after Zuo En's blemish =)

p/s: for photos, click HERE. Password: 0501pm2

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