Friday, June 16, 2006

Being Eighteen

Yesterday, we had a strange idea of creating the most sian outing, EVER.

It all started well, initially...

Jian Loong and I reached MidValley at about 10.40am, which is very late, from the agreed 10.00am. Chong Ming gave us the time, and yet he turned up later than us, really a true Malaysian. Pei Chii also joined us, much later on. Tsk, tsk, tsk... Malaysian timing *shakes head* The highlight of the day was that, we were able to get tickets for THE FAST & THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT !!! Woohoo~ we're watching it on the premiere, the first show on the first day, an 18+ movie, at student price. This is my first time! Lol, inexperienced little girl who lacks exposure here.(Pretend to be excited for me also lah) I'm so proud of this, I'm keeping these in my little Box-o-Memories...

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The movie RAWKX, I tell you. Although I thought the movie is lacking with male eyecandies (yeah, there also loads of female eyecandies, skimpy japanese chicks for you boys out there) it is not deficient of action, check out those drifts, especially when there are several cars doing that at the same time, what a sight! It got my fingers tingling a little... Thank god there were no steering wheels in sight throughout the day. I personally recommend it. Get you tickets now!

With the movie over, we spent some time just deciding where to eat. There we go, another signature habit of Taylorians? For lunch, we joined Pei Xian, Wai Ken, Johnathan and Ann Ye at Kim Gary. We had a lovely time there, teasing, blushing, chatting, eating. For the first time, I managed to get to know Johanathan and Wai Ken better, two figures whom I'm familiar with in college, but never had a real conversation with. The most hilarious thing was, WK ordered a dish with a generous amount of super concentrated GARLIC sauce, concentration being 5 mol/dm^3, as he claimed. LOL, we were saying it was a violation of DATE 101! However, luckily for him PX loved eating garlic herself *wink wink* Unintentionally, I became one of the extra bright lightbulbs that day.

Then, disaster came. Pei Chii left, we got separated from Pei Xian's group. CM, JL and I were left in MVM to lepak and chick-watch for the rest of the 2 hours. Thanks to the both of them, I now know a thing or two about gap lui, lol, I also learnt that, most 'chicks' with hot bodies, don't come with a face the guys are satisfied with. Those two has got to be one of the fussiest males in town! I wouldn't be surprised if the ended up in Bachelor-ville, if they keep up being so picky.

By the time we FINALLY agreed to leave, we found ourselves plagued by sore spines, heavy arse, lost of leg strength, permanent head damage aka PhD, and sniffles (only me)... Talk about an amusingly unproductive day! I thought of going to bed early, and pray for a speedy recovery. Once again, I have surrendered to temptations. I did watch a little football, but apparently someone decided that, I've had enough of telly for the night. In the end, I chatted the till dawn, lol, please don't let this piece information get anywhere near my parents. I had a great night nonetheless, with my 'football reporters' updating me, met a new amiably funny friend Samuel, and had a nice long chat with alot of those that I miss.

Now, that's what I call a HOLIDAY!

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+ W @ ! K 3 N + said...

of cos ur over da moon after goin thru all da blushes and gathering all ur senses n bravery to chat wif ur "dream" guy till 5 in da morning lol. dude u should really thank me man hahaha rmb to repay my kindness ya?;) lol