Monday, June 12, 2006

Mushroom Soup for the Bored Soul.

I am not pregnant.

And yet, I'm suffering from a symptom commonly found on women with swollen abdomens.
The sudden urge to have a certain kind of food... no matter what it takes.
Ice-cream wasn't a problem, there's always a spare tub in the freezer. So's chocolate. As dinner time slowly crept up on me...

" Mom, what's for dinner? "
" Steamed chicken, bla bla bla... "
" Got soup? "
" Now you're telling me?! Should've told me earlier...bla bla bla..."
*nods and pretends to listen*

note: conversation is summarised to minimise the nag-effect.

An hour later...

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Voila, my very first attempt at Cream of Mushroom.
If there's no soup, I'll make soup. Because... I want soup!
It smelt right. Looks okay. ( with comparison to my mom's version )
For the Grand Testing Ceremony, we have...

Judge Tiong Wei Shien, aka very picky younger bro.
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He took a whiff, then made several strokes in the bowl with the spoon.
An eyebrow raised. That's promising.
He delicately took a spoonful of the untested liquid which I claimed to be edible, into his mouth. After what seemed like ages, he finally gave the go-ahead.

Weeee~ Woohoo~ I made it! Nyahahaha, that's another culinary milestone for me. Considering the fact that I don't even know how to cook anything other than Maggi a few years back, its a pretty big achievement.

Stay tuned for another one of my culinary adventures, lol...

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