Sunday, June 18, 2006

Public toilets

It's Fathers Day.

Originally, there were plans to bring good ol' daddy to a cozy little western restaurant for a nice dinner. At the eleventh hour, we got invitations to join a bunch of our relatives for dinner. They promised us Tai Thong... Thus it's only natural that we abandoned our previous plan in favour of the other, under the impression that we were getting daddy a BETTER meal. And guess what? The restaurant was understandably full.

There were no reservations made by our inviters. I mean, honestly, it's a Sunday which coincidently happened to be Fathers Day too. You don't just walk in a restaurant at peak hour without a reservation and expect to have 17 people seated?! And I thought I was the naive one. Since we're already in the area, we did some exploring...

May I present to you, the most attractive public toilet I've ever seen.

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Apparently, there's a dude there collecting spare changes which the visitors are more than happy to unload, other than unwanted body fluid, and with any luck, pounds of 'chocolate cake'. No wonder the toilet is so well maintained. There's a marketing genius behind all this, you can't possibly miss a toilet like this.

Enough about my obssesion with toilets now. Back to where I left off before I digressed...

Spent more than an hour hopping from one location to another just to be disappointed due to the large turn out in each outlet. Those people are earning big money by marketing Fathers Day as a gimmick. Maybe I should just give up studying to set up a restaurant instead, lol.

When we finally got settled at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, the plates were cleaned by a bunch of kids as hungry as hyenas before you can say Bon Appetit. Though the food was mediocre, and the service is quite horrible, (I asked for 100Plus on two separate occasions, yet they ended up serving me Sprite) We had a fabulous time catching up with each other. Lol, William did amuse us by running round the table kissing everyone in sight, licking Suet Wah like a lollipop all over (sounds obscene, but it's actually cute yet unhygienic), and tickling us one by one. That little boy is all it takes to bring out the smiles from grouchy me, sometimes. Girls here are your photos...

My bro being 'bullied' by Suet Wei, lol.
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My sis and William, who's been trying to get his hands on her all night.
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The powerful army of female Tiongs, and a boy.
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And what does the all these events sum up to? A happy daddy...
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