Friday, June 16, 2006

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I was still rejoicing after Spain's spectacular 4-0 win over Ukraine that night, when all of a sudden *click* the house went pitch black in matters of milliseconds.

Just then, my entire vocabulary of swearwords ran through my mind. (I picked most of these up unintentionally by being audience to many friends who are a big fan of vulgarities.) Thank God, they did not fly straight outta my mouth! My parents were there in the living room, teeheehee...

Great. Powercut on a World Cup night, with 2 more matches to go. No internet, no music, no Zeus (the name of my computer), no air conditioning, and not even a warm bath before I disappear into my covers. You bet I was devastated! My only companion throughout the night was...

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Looks kinda pretty, eh? The photo's kinda dark, well, there's obviously no electricity available... A soft, flickering warm glow radiated from the little tea candle in the Ikea lantern, to gently brighten up my room. The light, not invading nor blinding, did well to create a kind of 'mood' to my room. To tell the truth, my room looked kinda romantic, teeheehee, only that I was alone in my room =(

It occured to me, that lately, especially, we've become too preoccupied with our petty concerns to notice the little things around us. During this blackout, I strolled out to the little balcony attached to my room, for the first time in months.

I saw stars, plenty of them, twinkling back at me, instead of the warm lights that illuminate my room.

I felt the cool night breeze brushing past my skin, and not the brutally dry air conditioning.

I heard the music orchestrated by crickets, frogs, and other little night critters which co-occupy this land, in place of the soundwaves I so frequently blast from my Edifier speakers.

I sensed serenity and tranquility rejuvenating my soul, replacing the stress, irritation and boredom I have been battling with for so long.

Ahh~ it was blissful, that moment. One just needs to wake up to notice the wonderful natural surroundings that God has created for us. We often take these for granted. You'll be surprised how invigorating 5 minutes of nature's therapy can be.
*wink wink*

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