Thursday, July 20, 2006

Revenge of the Sprinklers

Being a teenager... It's all about learning to get out of bed. Whether willingly, or rebeliously. When the sun rises, and not when it's about to set. With or without the infamous "5 more minutes, zzz..." mumble. Doesn't matter if you do it with 5 alarms or not.

I don't know what happened this morning. Did Mr.Sun crash onto the North Pole? Or Donald Trump go into bankruptcy? Maybe Casanova got resurrected? I actually woke up, all by myself, 5 minutes earlier than I should.

Wierdness, ain't it? But no matter. Since I'm up, I might as well go shower, surprise my bosses for once. Good idea? Nooo... Bad idea.

For those who don't know, I cycle to work. The journey's a joy every morning. I get to feast my eyes with gorgeous golfers greens (hopefully my blindness reduces with such large doses of the shade), find new "hi pals" in the regular joggers/ cyclists/ maintenance staff, even meeting some local birdies (I especially love Baldie, the BALD myna, lol, it never fails to meet me every morning). I though I knew every thing I had to know along my track... until this fateful day.

This is the first time I've out on the tracks so early. It was about 8.45am, I think. On both sides, are the grass lands dedicated to tee off-ers. What I'm cyling on, is actually the buggy track, no more than 5 feet wide. The sun was bright, the breeze cool, the grass green, Baldie as bald as ever... I was a happy girl, humming to my favourite Jim Brickman piece.


Oh my gawd, Jim Brickman is coming to town! Can you believe it? Jim Brickman okay? One of the greatest pianist EVER! Dear Mr.Brickman, sir, I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

Ahem, now that I've got it out of my system, let's continue.

The scene was like sooo perfect, but something just has to go wrong! Guess what? The sprinklers came to life! Must be some high end super efficient sprinklers there. They spray FAR and WIDE... even gardens nearby and the BUGGY TRACK was affected, although it is considered to have exceeded the bounds of where the grass is. GAH! What I encountered was nowhere near a sprinkle, nor a drizzle. The hell it's a SHOWER! I may not be familiar with how this sprinkler system works, but I'm undeniably not enjoying the extra shower all the way to the florists'. Must the sprinklers work for sooo long each time? Or some dude turned it on, on purpose? To make things worse, I didn't tie my hair as it was still damp from my shower (the one I had at home) and allowed it to fly behind me as I cycle, creating that dramatic scene we always see on the telly (with a cheerful melody), while hoping for it to dry. Lo and behold, I arrived to work semi-drenched. Patches of dark wet spots on my outfit, hair limp and wetter than before, out of breath as I pedalled with all my might, determined to get away from those dratted sprinklers ASAP. Thank God, I got there in one piece! One slip on the slippery path, and I could've fallen straight into the nearest pond.

I suspect it must've been that Indian maintenance tambi. A week ago, he was sweeping the buggy track when I came along. Please note that I AVOIDED him by cycling slightly onto the grass. So nice of me risk a slow, bumpy ride to save him the trouble of avoiding right? His jackass of a boss scolded him for not giving priority to the resident. Hello? Not my fault, I'm innocent! He gave me dirty looks everytime I see him afterwards. What kind of attitude is that? Ish! Thus, it is immensely likely that he has access to the sprinklers as its part of his maintenance job. Grrr... Yet, I have no evidence. Considering I had a reasonably good day at work today, I shall forgive him *beams*

Okay, I was just kidding. Chances are that the sprinklers are timed to operate at a certain time.

Lesson learnt. I will not be early anymore. Being early does not pay, plus being late is fashionable. So why bother?

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zhao said...

lol... revenge from the guy..haha.. arriving at work.. all wet..