Monday, July 30, 2007

New Specs

I know I'm pretty blind, gonna be eligible to challenge the bat's eyesight soon. Since it's more or less out of my conscious control, I've decided I might as well go blind gracefully (excuses...) My eye power is ridiculously horrible okay? *Depressed* Couldn't see with my old glasses anymore.

Don't have to remind me that I'm a poser, this is an old photo.

Emporio Armani frames that I love so much, made of lightweight titanium, a perfect complement to my thick and heavy lenses. Branded frame at 50% discount! It's nearly impossible to resist. I know I'm so cheapskate, lalala... Hey, but the entire thing cost me nearly Rm 1k, still... England Optical is such a rip off, with all their "your power is too high, lenses have to import" crap, made me wait a week in blindness somemore! Hmph!

It's been loyal to me for the past 2 years, serving me with
R: myopia -6.75, astigmatism -0.75
L: myopia -6.75, astigmatism -0.25

Probably its the increasingly intense studying that I've been doing in recent years that increased my power a current all-time high of,
R: myopia -7.50, astigmatism -0.25
L: myopia -7.25, astigmatism -0.25

Noticed that my shortsightedness has increased, but my astigmatism didn't? In fact, if you had paid any attention to the numbers in purple, you would've noticed a DECREASE in my astigmatism! By 0.50! Is this a miracle or what? Whoopee...

Normal soft contact lenses only serve you by degrees of shortsightedness. That's means if you want your contacts lenses to serve both the myopia and the astigmatism, be prepared to fork out at least twice the amount of money.

That means, with reduced astigmatism, I should encounter less problems with my pair of Normal Soft Contact Lenses, as long as I obtain the correct prescription *maniacal laugh*

That aside, I need a new pair of glasses, so long my loyal old armani. Hello, new specs!

In my dear Fluffy's car, hugging a pillow that stinks like Fluffy XD
GA Blue half-rimmed frame + multi-coated plastic lenses = Rm199
High Index Technology 3.67 = Rm 250

(High index is freaking expensive, I am mad to pay rm250 just for thinner and lighter lenses)
Total Bill = Rm 449
10% discount = Rm 44.90
(because my dad bought himself Xerox Sunglasses, he looks like Louise Koo now)
Grand Total = Rm 404.10

All this from Focus Point, One Utama. Screw England Optical, I hope no one buys from you again.

So how do I look?


Fluffy said...

you look gorgeous baby.. you really do =) as always.. sharp sleek sexy!

Anonymous said...

You look pretty! nice frames, much better than with contacts!