Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids these days

*Big Big Sigh*

As a firm believer in good old fashioned values, I'm sad to say that it's facing extinction. To this day, approximately 18.5 years, there was never a moment in which these values have failed me. It is really a shame that society have come to this state, when humans have evolved into such selfish and ignorant creatures.

I pity the future of society.

Kid these days are born into a world of luxury, where their parents are numbskulls who happened to earn big moolah. Before you shout at me, claiming that numbskulls do not earn big money, please allow me to express myself further. These numbskulls pamper their kids more than Paris Hilton pampers her royal Pooch, showering them with endless supply of cash, shielding them from responsibility. The end result would be mindless brats who think they are hell of a great, and worse still, recruiting and brainwashing innocents to become the bimbobots that they are.

Someone worth admiring, is the one who's able to depend minimally, and be as independent as possible. I find the ones who are truly great, can survive the best when everyone is forced to start from scratch.

The younger generation that I observe now, is simply pathetic. Never have I thought that those bimbos in American TV who walk down hallways with a "I'm beautiful, I'm rich and I'm popular" air, can exist in Malaysia. Okay, I know I'm plain naive. But I've never met anyone who's like that, seriously, up until recently. Will someone tell me why these people overestimate the power of being pretty/rich/popular?

Being pretty is an advantage, sure. It makes everything a whole lot easier, but it just ain't fair. And the guys are certainly not helping. Every girl deserves to be treated equally, given that the other circumstances are constants, without discrimination. Well, unless she has some serious attitude problem. If admiration is what you want to exploit from your beauty, then it's what you'll never get. When your beauty is rivalled, or when people get tired and bored of you, the consequences will likely be too severe to bear.

Some lucky, albeit undeserving souls are born into a life of luxury. Where everything is being done and prepared, where life is to be purely enjoyed. That's where it is wrong. These poor clueless kids walk around throwing bank notes everywhere they go, and they don't seem to be bothered by it. This idiotic clan of creatures spoiled the beautiful game of Truth or Dare. Daring another idiot to do some insane act for money, like say, kiss my smelly toes. Not a meal, not Rm1 nor 2, but up to 2 digits. That's one bet, from High School Kids. Did you know that the boyfriends also have to bribe their girlfriends with luxuries just so she'll stay back with him? If you ask me, I would say one is using the other to boost her popularity, and making use of the other guy. I also happen to know that these are done on a regular basis. I have nothing against rich people, it's just that a portion (I didn't say all) of them thinks they are way ahead of others, that just because they have the money, they get to treat everyone around like a dog who's hungry for doggie treats. How I wish I can throw their own money right in their faces. That'll show them that their money, I mean, their parent's money don't run my life.

Popularity, bah. Totally overrated. If you're an artiste, sure, that translates into *KaChinG* lotsa moolah in endorsements and sales. To a real common individual, however, what is the value of popularity. It barely has any significance. So you walk around with Roxy or Billabong, or even Armani and Chanel, PRICEY, hmmm... For the same amount of money, I can get a wardrobe full of clothes of various styles. Brands are just names that that stupid people who are brainless enough to fall for their marketing gimmicks. Talk about spending smart. People know who you are, so what? I bet they also know how big your breast looks because 90% of it is made of stuffed tissue rolls. Everyone also know how stupid you are chasing after all the above stated qualities that are useless in your life.

Ugh, I can't imagine how "pretty" society's gonna be in future. People that I have met all my life are nowhere near being this disgraceful. And I'm glad that they are practical and sensible. Honestly guys, you guys rock. All I can say is, you've been warned. Brace yourself as society self destructs.

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