Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broadgate Park

Alas, my days of moving around has ended! Days of London-Hereford-Ledbury-Nottingham, BE GONE!


And then I appear at my spanking new Broadgate Park Twin Ensuite Studio! Setting me back at 3200 pounds a year, it is worth every single penny!

Click to have a virtual tour of my room.
(Well, not exactly my room, but nearly. Will take more pictures of my REAL ROOM when I'm done putting everything away)

Just want to brag and say that I *heart* my new room, muahahahaa...

Oh and did I mention I just bought this super rock chick lookin' leather jacket? If Grace hadn't spotted it, I wouldn't have given my heart (and my money) for this baby. Lol. Love at first sight? Maybe. But I needed another jacket/coat for autumn anyway because one would just not suffice.

Taa-daa... I don't know why it looks so pale in the picture, I swear it looks way more gorgeous through a live eye than through the camera's lens. It's actually a golden brown hue with this mysterious sheen that glows when the fabric catches the light. Awesome. And this is THE LAST size 8 on the shelf. We're fated =)

Also while we were exploring around the shopping haven of a city centre, we came across something peculiar...

Aren't they cute. One bird on each alphabet.
And boy, do those pigeons know their branded perch!

The International Welcome Week has just concluded, so it's one big kick from our Summer Holidays back to the lecture rooms for us *CRY* The Welcoming Programme itself has been awesome, and I found myself more spontaneous and sporting than ever. Among the highlights of the activities I participated are:

An ice-breaking sort of event, The Barn Dance.
I've never held so many guy's hand in one night. I must've had more than a dozen different partners! Some are cute, some are sweaty, some are too tall for me, some are sweet. We held hands, galloped, circled, danced and did everything else as we were told. In the end, he night left me flushed, blushed and breathless.

Loosening up my bones during club night at Oceana.
Thank goodness for the fog. You should've seen those eyebags.
Clockwise from left: TseKai, Rachel, Sara, YitLing, Simon, Myself, ChongNgie, Bernard, OJ, Smirnoff Ice No.1, Smirnoff ice No.2
Credits to Brian and Bernard for the Smirnoff Ice and Vodka Apple, and Simon and KarYong for the photo.

Some of my new (possibly genetically modified) woolly friends at The University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonnington Campus.

Courtesy of the University, every new international student is provided accommodation at the Catered University Halls, that's Derby Hall Room D18 for me.

One of our dinners.
Battered Pollock, Peas and Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Rice, Bread and Butter Pudding.

Chicken Lasagne, Cauliflower and broccoli, Spicy Curly Fries and Chocolate Trifle.
The food is boleh makan lah. Thank goodness I'm not staying in the catered halls.
I didn't bother taking pictures of our breakfast, because we get the same old thing everyday.
A SINGLE Croissant, Oat with Double Cream, Banana/Orange/Apple, Assorted cereal with Semi-Skimmed Milk, Toast with assorted spreads, Tea/Coffee/Hot chocolate/OJ.
Boring, boring, boring, yucks, yucks, yuck.

Mummy, Daddy my connection in my room is FREE. Yes it means that I don't have to pay extra for it, but it also means that the line is not excellent. Sigh. I will try to online to skype with you guys ok. Muacks.

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