Tuesday, September 02, 2008

madame tussauds

As promised, I now have dozens of photos from the famous Madame Tussauds! The entrance tickets are pretty pricey though, I must admit. Paying so much just to spend hours walking in a building, posing, taking pictures, and see some fancy wax products. Sound ridiculous, but they say you haven't been in London unless you've drooled at Johnny Depp.

And so I have.
I love Mr.Sweeney Todd so much, but even the fake him is not looking at me.
Just as I suspected, he has a great ass. Hah! I knew it. I peeked it =P
What? Men SHOULD also have a great pair of ass that fills out the rear of his pants!

As if I own Tom Cruise more than Katie Holmes.
But you gotta admit, my height looks way better beside him, teeheehee...
But sorry, Scientology is not my thing. Off you go now, Tom.

The very tall, but apparently rather boobless Nicole Kidman.
No wonder Tom Cruise went out with me. Proof as per above.
I thought these wax figurines are life sized? Or did Ms.Kidman had a boob job after this figurine was made?

After the Kidman, here's the Jeniffer Aniston who separated with the gorgeous Pitt.
The Brad Pitt who went on to adopt a...

Ling Jolie-Pitt.
I was secretly adopted by the Jolie-Pitts way before Zahara or Maddox.
How do you think I managed to pay for university?

Move aside Victoria, you don't even have matching outfits with David Beckham.
Black hair, and white top is the way to go.

The Mad Woman herself, Britney Spears, with her locks intact.
A strand for USD$100. Any bidders?

Justin Timberlake saved the world in less than a second by standing beside me.
Of course, an eye-sore like Madonna will have to take 4 minutes to save the world.
Because its takes 4 minutes for her horrifying MTV to end.

Beethoven, the only figurine in this place that's shorter than I am.

Look Fluffy, I'm Steven Spielberg's next big star!
Megan Fox is so yesterday.

Robin William's asking me to dance with him.

That girl just wouldn't share Leonardo Dicaprio with me.
Sheesh. Talk about being over-possessive.

Mingling with God.
Morgan Freeman in all his holiness.

Oh wait, he's not a boogeyman, he's Daniel HarryPotter Radcliffe.
Wrong spell, heh heh.

Look who travelled back in time to date Henry VIII?
Don't worry Fluffy, I didn't have an affair with Henry in the 1400s.

"And I should've told you Vincent...
This world was never meant...
For one as beautiful as you"
Vincent van Gogh, painter of The Starry Night.

Kate was just a diversion for the papparazzis.
I am the one Prince William's really dating, behind Prince Charles' back.

Okay, so maybe Prince Charles and Camilla knows.
But they definitely like me more than Kate Middleton.
Why do you think she wasn't invited to the photoshoot *sniggers*
(The Royal Family is so gonna sue me for this)

I was just kidding. Young Prince Harry's more like it.
I like my boys bad... slurrrrps!!!

I'm the boss of Julia Roberts, hehehe...

Booty dancing with I-have-no-idea-who-but-her-body-rocks.
So does mine

Yes, working "it" like Christina Aguilera,
But mine tak cukup besar,
That's why I'll never be a star,
Or even buy a DD bra.
Nah, pantun for you, teeheehee...

Oliver Twist didn't just come to Charles Dickens without a muse you know?

"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time

And all of our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death.

Out, out brief candle

Life's nothing but a walking shadow
A poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more

It is a tale, told by a fool,
full of sound and fury

Signifying nothing.
A man that needs no introduction, whose middle name is Literature.
I swear I recited the above by heart with no reference. Any mistakes? Let me know.
If you're a fan of his work, let me know as well =)

Trying to pout like Sarah Michelle Gellar.
No matter how much lip plumper she uses though, my lips are fuller.
Score! 1-0 to me!

Don't know who this romeo is. But I like men who knows his music.
(Fluffy don't be jealous, that's why I fell for you remember)

Hey Wayne Dugong Rooney, why are you celebrating, MU just lost to some miserable team!
I'm celebrating because I don't like MU anyway. Bleh.

My love, Michael Owen, during FIFA World Cup 2002.
I dumped him for Steven Gerrard when he left Liverpool for Newcastle.
Hmpf! Betrayer!

Mohammed Ali vs Bruce Lee Ling
Round 1

And finally, a tribute to the great woman herself, Madame Tussaud.

Whew, that's a total of 30 pictures!!! Can you imagine? I haven't been such a camera whore for so long! I guess some things never change. By the way, I don't know what got over me. I had no idea I am such a poser. Maybe it's easy to let loose and just work it when everyone else has no idea who you are, haha.

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Zaty said...

that's awwwwwesome. i wanna go to the wax museum someday and take lotsa crazy photos with the 'ppl' there. :)

btw, i think the tanned dude with the guitar in his hand might be elvis presley... tho im not 100% sure. maybe.