Monday, September 15, 2008

uni at a glance

After nearly 3 months of torturing myself with my own cooking, it has finally been upgraded to more than "Just Edible" to "Very Edible" standards. Will update again when I get promoted to the "Mouthwatering" status...

Curry Laksa, with taugeh.
Topped with fresh parley some more, just like the real thing, teeheehee.

Grilled Cajun Chicken, Gourmet Onion Omelette, Baked Butter Potatoes with Parsley,
Fresh Tomatoes and Stir Fried Super Mario Feed.
I'm telling you it doesn't just sound fancy, it tastes fancy too =)
(Especially after weeks of just boiled vegetable, bluek)
Yes, that's just one dinner for me.
And yes as well, potatoes *sick*

Once in awhile, we would indulge ourselves with something unhealthy, but much more tasty!
Nando's 1/4 Chicken - HOT! Slathered with Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce. Never thought I'd miss hot food but the kick from it was so awesome. I felt like home
Set me back by 4.80 pounds a meal. A price I was willing to pay to get away from my own cooking for awhile.

And when you fork out so much, you just don't leave any scrape of meat or drop of Peri-peri sauce behind.
I'm proud to say I devoured every micrometer square of the chicken without using my hands.
Dad, Mom, I know you will be so proud of me. Muahahaha.

Where I stayed for a week, Lenton Hurst.

You probably can't see it quite well, but that's stained glass on the windows
Check out the 1800s architecture, gets creepy at night though.

The all important Portland building, where the fees are paid.

The Original Clock Tower on Trent Building, Lake View
Not the ciplak Administration Building we have in the Malaysia Campus.

And the view from the clock tower which the Malaysian Campus tried to pirate with such failure.
Note the vague resemblance?
When we have a lake, naturally I would go look for my favourite lake dwelling friends.

At first, I found one...
Followed by a couple more.

And more...

And MORE...


Roast Duck anyone?
I'm sure Uni won't notice if there's one missing, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Another view of the lake.
Romantic or not! Makes a perfect venue for dating!
Even for making out between those thick vegetation, heh heh.
Or even *ahem* making love *ahem* if you dare.

The Holy Building for us.

Lastly, Squirrels roam the open land, while the ducks dominates the water.
Humans are the excess species on University Grounds.

Welcome to The University of Nottingham, UK Campus.

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