Monday, March 09, 2009

Hello Leggies!

UK is finally heating up! With the tempertures rising up to the late single digits in Celcius, sing: "It's getting hot in here (so hot) so take off all your clothes" And I did. Some of it anyway. Shed my long trousers in exchange for a skirt!

Hello legs!
Long time no see, and you don't look half as bad as you do under the toilet lamp.
(Don't you dare enlarge the picture, I grained it for a reason =P)

I swear I haven't seen my legs like this for ages! Now that I've found a new "Full Length" Mirror using the reflection on my window (am I just too resourceful or what, hahaha!) a camwhoring session is compulsory to mark this landmark in time where I took vanity to a whole new level.

Just in case you were wondering why I'm wearing a skirt.
Because IT'S HOT!!! (Not me obviously, I meant the weather) So steaming hot these nights that I can barely fall asleep. Plus, why waste the generous hours of sun that we've been getting.

My poor legs have had enough being deprived of sunny rays and fresh air. It's horrifyingly porcelain pale I'm telling you. I dream of tanned latina legs that scream oh-so-sexy. But I know my legs are too short to even try to be sexy. Oh, and they've grown bigger =( Gotta do something about it before I get 2 x 100-year old tree stumps for legs. Nevertheless, doesn't hurt to keep it from looking worse hahaha.

So yeah, I've been stripping down to sleeveless tops and shorts (even skirts now) whenever I'm back into my very warm room. Stupidly angmoh-like, sunbathing in the Spring Sunshine... hoping for a more lively tone to my skin colour ( I'm starting to really hate being so zombie pale and lifeless ) , alongside Vitamin D mass production in The Skin Factory.

Pharmacy Ph-act of the Day
Dear Noobies, Vitamin D aides Calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth. Middle aged humans experience a halt to Calcium laydown in bones when Calcium stores reach their peak, while the elderly (especially women post-menopause) will then experience massive bone demineralisation as Calcium levels are released from bones and decreases , this leads to osteoporosis and susceptibility to fractures. To prevent this, maximise Vitamin D and Calcium exposure to your body before your Mid-Life Crisis.

I still want to be able to kick ass and have teeth when I'm 80. It is important for me to be able to pronounce "fuck you" properly when I'm elderly. Imagine an 80 year old scolding someone "luck you" instead of "fuck you", super embarassing lah! Please I don't want that to happen to me.

I can't believe that I just churned out an entire blog entry just on my legs when I'm not even proud fo them to begin with. But oh, I did miss seeing them so much <3 I should just dye my hair blonde to match my personality, really. Because then, I can blame the blonde moments on my hair colour, hahahaha!

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