Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hairdryer on Easter Break

Just the other day I was blow-drying my hair, with a hair dryer of course. Duh. Normally it would take me slightly over 5 minutes, at max power.

Barely 2 minutes into my drying, it went... *CLICK*

*CHUG*...... *chug*.................. *dead*

I flicked the switches frantically, repeatedly manipulated the power supply, but NADAH.
I slapped it left and right hoping it will recover like how a telly does, but NADAH.
I tried cursing the hair dryer for a full 5 minutes while it cools down, but still, NADAH.
Feeling guilty, I apologized to my hair dryer for another 5 minutes, STILL NADAH.

All I got was a foul burnt smell radiating from it's dead spout.

FYI, my hair belongs to the EXTRA FLAMMABLE category, where any hair dryer would burn my hair before it can be dried. (Maybe it's my amateur techniques, but I like blaming it on my hair quality, so whatcha gonna do about it huh?)

Upset, I mourned over my loss for 3 seconds before I laid it to rest at its usual resting place.

The next day, I decided that I should not give up on it. No, it means too much to me. (Actually, a new hairdryer costs too much for me =P nevermind that) And guess what?!

Whirring away and burning my hair for all its worth, like nothing happened. I was over the moon. Mucus of joy overflowed my nose as my nostrils were filled with burnt hair smell...

And then it hit me. My hair dryer just had an Easter moment. You know the whole died and resurrected thing. Pardon me if I didn't get it right, for I am not familiar with the Bible. But yeah. To put it in another way, my hair dryer just had a self-declared Easter break.

Silly ol' Hairdryer. If you wanted a break, all you had to do was ask mommy...


I find that a lot more things than expected, are akin to drug addiction. I'm aware that it sounds totally strange, but hear me out.

Drug addiction is where there is a substance, and someone who relies on it both physically and psychologically. My definitions?

Gives a temporary rush of euphoria, but ill effects are persistent and long term.
Something one can definitely live without, and be better off without as well.
It makes you crave for it for the high. After about 6 months of exposure, it makes you completely dependent on it. Because you let it penetrate your body and soul, it knows you inside out. Now you're nothing but a puppet on strings, susceptible to its manipulations on your body. It knows when you're trying to run away, it can pull you back easily because you've given it control of yourself.

Initially in it for the rush. But gradually becomes aware of the side effects after awhile. You want to stop, but you can't. It's almost like you're under a spell. No matter how hard you try, your body screams for it, dreams about it... until you can no longer take it, and go back to it.

It all makes sense now. So many things can be related to this, like trying hard to diet, or even like an unofficial relationship with a cheater. Things a 5 year old can tell you its OBVIOUSLY WRONG, but you still make excuses to do it anyway. It's a sign of poor will, and no dignity.

The solution is simple, and yet difficult. If doing it cold turkey is not an option, you need to summon the willpower to wean off your addiction. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure, and your other option will be none other than SELF-DESTRUCTION. All you need is to make the first step, and help will be there to guide you through it.

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