Tuesday, March 31, 2009

La La Locks

As promised, SURPRISE!!! I got my hair cut again! Well, actually I always DIY it in the toilet, but there's a huge difference this time =) Got tired of the short hair. AGAIN. Now you know I'm such a "hangat hangat tahi ayam" kind of person. I figured its too troublesome to maintain short hair now, because it looks terrible if it's not maintained on a regular basis. And I haven't got the money and time to keep it looking decent you see :/ However, it was good when I first got it.

Taa-daa...! Introducing La-La Ling.
(I lost my nose here, like The Phantom of the Opera, hahahaha)
This cut is actually inspired by the bold bangs that are so popular on the runway right now.

Tyra Bank's solid strong bangs.
Who said La-la hair can't be high fashion!

My hair was also massively layered on the back to give a more edgy look, in addition to a more voluminous effect. The reason why I love it a super-duper-lot is because now I don't have to groom my eyebrows anymore, because it's hidden! Muahahahahahaha....

Total cost = £32.40, and this one price includes...

Stylist : Shireen
Wash and shampoo
Finished with styling & straightening
All the extra products they use
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

I absolutely hate it when they charge extra for washing, and blowdry or even the extra bit of product they use on you. So this is ONE PRICE for the COMPLETE SALON TREATMENT, so you come out looking like a million bucks =) At the end of the day I lost count of how many products they used on my hair. There was at least 6 I'm sure. I thought they were really generous with their expensive products. To ensure that all their clients look good all the time, each hair cut comes with FREE UNLIMITED FRINGE TRIMS!!! Isn't this awesome? No more "bitten" looking fringe from our miserable toilet attempts. Fringe trims costs £5.00 in Beeston by the way.

I realize the cost is a little on the expensive side, especially for us students. But first, hear me out. Zullo & Holland is an award winning hairdresser in prestigious hair shows, its in the card. So basically its quality you're paying for. I am delighted with my cut because she gave me what I wanted. My stylist is amazing, and very pretty =) her name is Shireen. Ask for her.

Click the image above to go to their website.

Zullo and Holland
26 Upper Parliment Street
Nottingham NG1 2AD
Tel: 0115 950 4635

(same row as Burger King, beside Victoria Centre.)

£32.40 is basically the price for a Stylist. The price for Graduates are cheaper, and of course there are Director cuts if you have the moolah for it. Tell them you were introduced by me, I think you get some kind of discount as well. Newcomers and Students gets discounts as well =)

You're welcomed to go in for a free consultation with a stylist, and quotation as well. No pressure to commit to their services there. They are very busy, so make an appointment one week before.

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