Thursday, June 28, 2007

I have a confession. I'm an addict. For the past week, I've been hiding in my room, secretly indulging in the one thing that is able to take my mind entirely off reality...

*click to Fox TV's main page for this series*

Starring Hugh Laurie (middle), with
Trio on the left: Omar Epps, Jenniffer Morrison, Jesse Spencer
Duo on the right: Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard

All semester, I've been observing SayYuen and Lynnette, furiously chasing down House MD episodes. Now I know that they are not over reacting. In fact, they're under-reacting, I think. Now that I'm finally done with Season, I think I'm diagnosed with House MD Withdrawal Syndrome. While the download speed at home is excruciatingly slow, I'm terribly desperate for Season 2 to finish downloading. As of now, it's barely 13 % done. Argh!

Meanwhile, I noticed that, despite the popularity of this highly successful series, there are some innnocent souls out there that has yet to be exposed to this madness. Hence, I shall do them the honour by spreading my beloved addiction, and thus destroying their life outside. Muahahaha....

So it's basically a medical series, with the main character being Dr. Gregory House, portrayed by Hugh Laurie as an eccentric genius who's a grouchy, aging Limpy. He heads the Department of Diagnostic Medicine, at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, which is run by the cleavage generous Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). House has 3 over qualified specialists at his disposal, namely, Dr.Foreman (Epps), Dr.Cameron (Morrison), and Dr.Chase (Spencer). Dr.Wilson (Leonard) starts off being the only person who's rather House resistant. I've re-watched the season enough to know all these by the back of my hand.

What I enjoy most about the series is probably watching House's lunacy, how he made people's lives miserable, and his smart sarcasm. Besides that, I find it very amusing that one person can die so many times, and yet not die in the end. I love watching Evil in action, except that, at the same time, he's also a saint. Oh, the irony!

You should watch, if you:

-like cleavage (Dr.Cuddy is the main cleavage sponsor)
-like sexy accents (Dr. Chase speak too much, but what the heck, he sounds great)
-like pretty girls (Dr.Cameron is lovely XD)
-like horny old women (oops, that a spoiler)
-like sarcasm
-like watching people die several times (how often do we get to see that?)
-like watching House turn the hospital into living hell
-hate nuns (spoiler too)

You should not watch, if you:

-are too dumb to understand basic medical terms, and American English
-can't stand shows with no steamy sex scenes for you to jerk off to
-hate shows that make you think (sorry, I'm attracted to thinking shows like The Prestige)
-prefer watching brainless shows with cutesy girls who can't act (ahem, Rainie Yang, ahem) prancing around in a mini skirt with a lame storyline.
-can cry every time you see someone die, even on-screen (your eyes will be flaccid in no time)

Hugh Laurie, my Idol.
I dig eccentricity, BIG time.

P/s: Please do let me know if anyone out there has HOUSE MD Season 2 and Season 3, preferably with subs. Thanks, from my desperate heart.


ShenQ said...

Hei , I have both seasons that you requested. But unfortunately I do not have subtitles. Haha. Msg me. I know Bernard. I even borrowed him prison break.

The Ling said...

thanks shenshen!!! what else do u have? omg, i'm sooo greedy, ehhee...

~ cHieNzZ ~ said...

Ooh House is really good. One of the tv shows that I watch too. I don't dl so I can't supply you with the episodes, sorry. Hope you get to watch them soon. Tv-show-withdrawal is really very san fu. ^^