Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Do you believe in fate?

As in, somewhere out there, there are pre-determined plans for you. No matter how you try to change it, you seem to be left with options that will lead you down the same path. That same door is left, time and time again.

I think I'm a believer.

They say your life is an equation of all your decisions. Well, that is true... only to a certain extent.

There has been so many instances, where I initially had a plan. Naturally, when you have a plan, you stick to the plan right? Common knowledge. But no... every time my "plan" comes to a crossroad, things never go as I have planned. Some random door always finds its way onto my crossroads, with a gravity to deviate me from my plans. While I make a decision to open this unexpected door, it was not my original intention to open this door. Thus it is not entirely my decision that I chose this post-door path. Fate presented an opportunity to alter my decision. Which means, fate has control over my life, and my decisions. Therefore, life is dependent on fate, not on my decisions, because fate messes with my decisions. This proves that the premise of "life is an equation of all your decisions" to be inaccurate. Confused yet?

So with every crossroad, plans change... into another plan.

And its like a song on loop. It repeats itself. That is exactly how I have stopped making anything more than a short-term plan. Long-term plans never live long enough to see fruition anyway. As such, I have also stopped talking about long-term plans.

You see, we're here again. At this crossroad.

Day before yesterday, I was so sure I was going to take this blue door today. However, this annoying red door sprang on me yesterday.

I should really have seen this coming. Why don't I ever learn?


Anonymous said...

It depends on your rights. Believe with your own sense although you think complicated.

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