Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm not dead


In case you're wondering, I'M NOT DEAD. yet.

Just severely brain damaged, sleep-deprived, hungry, sick, and screwed up.

My life is currently pre-occupied by more pressing matters at the moment. Yeah, PRESSING.
... like spending time with the love of my life <3
EXAMS start 11th January! It's my last set of examinations for my freaking Masters degree. The horizon is so close, and yet so far. I have crawled so many miles, thirsty, hungry, exhausted, but I'm not giving up!!!

I have another 41 kilos of me to lose (already lost 2 kg) , if that's the only way for me to get to the finishing line! 3 years of HARD, SLEEP-DEPRIVED JOURNEY, is not going down the drain. I'll see to it!!!

This is my last chance to redeem myself, to give it my ALL. It's now or NEVER. My exam-due fellas, all the best!


See y'all after Jan 20th =)


eric said...

all da best in ur exam! c ya soon ^^

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines.........................................