Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting back on track

"Please stop writing now!"

I heard it for the very last time. Now that I think of it, I didn't feel the least bit nostalgic. By now, I'm pretty sick of examinations. The thought of it makes me feel queasy.

Let me recall the highlights of my last examination!

My phone alarm backfired on me, failing to ring, due to "charging error", so I overslept by almost an hour. Did I mention that I only discovered that my paper is now 1 hour and 30 minutes long, instead of 1 hour, just 2 hours before my paper? I got a ride from Sartaj to save me from a stressful 30 minute walk to the Sports Centre, where the examinations were held.

I forgot to hit the loos before entering the examination hall - very smart. Some idiot tried to cheat by flipping over the test paper while everyone was still hunting for their seats amongst the maze of tables and chairs, and that sent the invigilator screaming across the hall, and my pulse racing.

And when I finally did walk out the doors of the examination hall, the air smelt uber fresh! At last I am free...

But wait. There's tons of work to do.

The day I finished my exams, I had a big fat meal of McDonalds, took my own sweet time to eat it. Back home, I crawled to the loo to relieve the stress-induced-constipated impact that was dying to escape from my body. Eventually I floated off to a very nice nap.... or what it was supposed to be, before I was woken up by that annoying song Gee!!!

Let's face it, I was never meant to like it. It exists purely to sabotage my exams, my sleep, everything.

Can't sleep? I sorted my laundry next. Piles of overdue clothes, and bedsheets were refreshed. Too lazy and too low on supplies to cook, so it's time to put the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Domino's Pizza vouchers to good use.

The next day, I went shopping, lunched @ TGI Fridays, met up with friends and watched Avatar 3D (FINALLY), and Sherlock Holmes, finishing the day off with a nice dinner at Curry Lounge!

Out on duty with my President for MagicSoc, meeting members of the Student's Union, we're planning something exciting, so watch this space for more updates! Collected my PharmSoc Leavers Hoodie in a garish shade of blue =( Had dinner with our ex-Magic president Chris @ Wagamama's! Attacked my housemate in his face with facial mask =P

Finally got to sleep and rest properly!!!! Somehow managed to have the day to myself, ending up watching Farmer Wants a Wife, washing my dirt covered sneakerS, and mopping up the last bit of month-old-muck from my room. And the day was lovingly finished with a good old drinking session at Pitchers & Piano with friends who've been hermit-ing in the name of exams....

Now you know why I haven't been blogging. So excuse me please. Ahem ahem. Still got work to do, I'm not joking! But that's for another entry, for another day ;)


Anonymous said...

welcome to join us!!聊天室........................................

George said...

Glad that you managed to sail through the final exams... Must be feeling like in heaven. :)
Good luck in your result and I shall see you in the future.