Friday, February 05, 2010

February & Posters

And I thought I would have more time after my exams.

Apparently NOT! If anything, I'm busier than ever! Busy busy beeeeee.... I hardly have time for myself, let alone to blog. I found my self saying, "I'm busy" a gazillion times lately. Not in a 'excuse' kind of way, but more of a really-busy-and-apologetic way.

Two weeks into the new semester, my final year project is doing surprisingly more than fine. My supervisor was well impressed with the way the project is going =) Much thanks to Albert, Nick and Omama! The price I paid for this was dedicating up to 4 days a week just for my project, MEETINGS + BRAINSTORMING sessions. Who said not having lectures means more free time? I totally misinterpreted that. I'm practically dating our group members in a 4 way orgy at random study rooms in uni. Never in my life I have borrowed so many books from the library at any one time.

I wondered if I've mentioned that I'm now Secretary of Magic Soc? Everyday is magic related as I spent a good amount of time working with Albert for our exciting upcoming MagicSoc Gala Show 2010! Check out the poster I spent days to do:

I welcome comments! But please try not to be too harsh, as this is just a draft poster! Oh, and I actually had to YouTube Photoshop tutorials to create this. I barely have any training in Photoshop at all!

This is only my 3rd attempt at making a poster with Photoshop! I've come a long way since my 1st and 2nd posters!

In Year 2, I had the pleasure of learning Photoshop from Augustine! He did most of the magic here, but I had the opportunity to do a little something on it.

Summer 2009: I had no choice but to make this 2nd poster entirely on my own for my Boots Summer Placement Project. Looks like rubbish but somehow it won me Best Project =) Maybe I didn't win for the design, but for the project itself, I don't know.

Results were released on Thursday. I was initially devastated to not have got what I was expecting. I worked my ass off for this! Barely 30 minutes later, devastation evolved to relief! Apparently, the year performed poorly as a whole, and a number of the moderate-good performing students had resit! I just feel blessed that I will be able to graduate this summer!

Oxford here I come!

Lesson learnt from this: I'm not study material. No plans for PhD.

Guess what I'm doing after this? Tonight is dedicated to my project, while Saturday I've got plans to make Thosai, and maybe go drinking at the house across the road =)

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