Sunday, February 14, 2010


It always starts with an innocent drop of water, into a surface of calm water, and then you get ripples being generated, propagating further and larger, like a domino effect...

Of course, there are many ways to explain how can a water droplet fall into the surface, everyone will have individual interpretations.

-Gravity pulled the droplet
-It slid off a leaf because it was too heavy
-It fell from a cloud

but you never really know, do you? I have been trained that sometimes it's better not to do anything, than to do something without knowing what I'm doing. Perhaps more people should adopt that attitude as well.

I was not amused to have my weekend interrupted, without even knowing why.

It would seem like my intentions are in doubt, for an ulterior motive instead. There seems to be no accusations, but I can't help feeling thoroughly insulted to be remotely considered to harbor negative intentions.

I only ask one question: What are you expecting me to do with what you've told me?

I refused to reply. It's obvious that both parties are not emotionally stable to support a proper conversation, hence it would be pointless to try anything. I respect the fact that you are not acting as your usual rational self, for that reason, I hold no grudge against you.

Because I still do care, I beg for you to reconsider.

Was it a mature and sensible thing to do?
I don't know what you're on about, and what your intentions are. I'm not a mindreader. If you just deliberately want to puzzle me, and destroy my mood, congratulations, you did it! I hope my misery has made you happy now.

Suspicion is an evil seed. Indulging into suspicion is almost like stepping into your idea of a sick fantasy, letting go of reality.

To let suspicion jeopardise a friendship is foolish. I cherish the friendship. But I guess friendship only works both ways. I have not let go of it yet. It's your choice.

In the spirit of the festive season, I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy Valentines Day! Everyone deserves to have a good celebration, try not to ruin others' mood, because that would be selfish and extremely inconsiderate.

If you must know, I'm only celebrating CNY this year.

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