Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fuck You Right Back

You see, I have this incredible talent to find the most appropriate songs for the moment. And I have done it again. It's a tad vulgar. Kids under-18, go away. But hey, the shit I took from some people was much more offensive.

The inspiration from this song chilled me out. And guess what, I'm not gonna let haters get to me. I ain't gonna let haters infect me with their misery, because they're just not worth my while.


"See I don't know why you cryin' like a bitch
Talkin' shit like a snitch
Why you write a song 'bout me
If you really didn't care
You wouldn't wanna share
Tellin' everybody just how you feel"

"Fuck what I did was your fault somehow
Fuck the presents, I threw all that shit out
Fuck all the cryin' it didn't mean jack
Well guess what yo, fuck you right back"


At the end of the day, I want to sincerely thank the person who "offended" me.

*Offense is subject to interpretation. Offense occurs only when one is offended. Offense is absent when one does not take offense even when deliberately being offended upon*

It has shown me who you really are, and made me realize something I have not thought about in ages. Such behaviour is not only a disgrace to the person, but also to the family, and anyone else that is closely associated.

Any reputation built over years will just come crumbling down, as you unveil your ugliness to all that is around you. What'll make it even worse if when you go about publicizing such embarassment in the spur of the moment. In that process, recruiting other innocent individuals into the drama you have single-handedly conjured. For what? For attention, and sympathy? Or for the sole satisfaction of inflicting misery as you indulge in your own misery?

To do that, takes pure talent. But luckily, I will leave the exclusive rights to practice this talent patented to certain individuals. I can do nothing about people like these. But I can shield my happiness from them, so that they cannot take it away.

And also I know, if I don't respond to their nastiness, I will be not succumb to the your evil temptation to practice such horrible behaviour. Simply because I am a better person. In contrast, it will make them look worse in comparison. For that reason, the offender is likely to be even more annoyed.

But who cares? What goes around, comes around. What you do unto others, will come back and bite you in the ass one day. You'll see.

Lesson Learnt:
Don't do what the person has done to me. Whether intentional or unintentional.
Because I know, it doesn't do anyone any good at all.

Note to self:
NEVER EVER be that horrid individual with an ugly personality, that is frown upon by others. Even for a second.

From now on, I don't want to be the one who worried the people who cares about me. I want to be the one who brings happiness and smiles to my friends. Because I really do want people around me to be happy, and not be my venting vessel.

I should be ashamed of myself, if I ever do.


Bernard said...

is everything alright?

eric said...

hey..it's been a while since we catched up..mail me ur UK num? we can sms (:

Anonymous said...

somehow inspirational