Wednesday, March 10, 2010

de ja vu

I feel as though I'm reliving The Dark Moments again. How I let this happen to myself again I do not know. Perhaps I'm just prone to self-destruct.

When I thought I've found something good, it turned out to be otherwise yet again. Another disappointment to add the my collection of miserable life experiences. Perhaps I'm not cut out to be the one with a happy ending.

It's as if someone saved me, only to drown me again. They say having had that experience before, helps you deal with it the next time it happens. I say the fact that I've experienced it before only made it worse this time around.

I'll never know when this is going to be over. If it's ever going to be over.

1 comment:

Gideon Chang said...

What happened dar-ling? Who bullied you? I will use my the other leg to kick his ass.. :P