Sunday, March 14, 2010

how do you help a crying girl?

Just the other day in the ladies', I came out of the cubicle to find this pretty girl crying by the basin.

She was like an albino bunny. Flawlessly fair skin, but eyes red and bloodshot from crying. This bunny was frantically texting on her mobile while her friend kept advising her to ignore "someone".

My heart sank.

I don't know her at all. But seeing someone cry so hard but unable to do anything about it aches me. All I could do is watch, and leave ASAP so she could have some peace and quiet. Let The Friend handle this, I thought.

Somehow, I felt bad. Like, all I could do is leave her to her misery. The entire day, I kept pondering if there was anything I could've done, but didn't do for her.

Sigh. Somebody tell me.

On a separate note, I wonder if promises are made to be broken? Perhaps I hold on to words too strongly. But isn't that what the word "promise" is for? To provide additional assurance, and guarantee. Something for the recipient to believe in, to hope for. Or is that not how people use this word nowadays?


CrunchyCookies said...

Well, it depends which person is promising u.
Life is an adventure, u dunno who to trust before u trust them, kind of like an investment.
The girl doesn't need any help because she has learned a great lesson that can't be bought by money. Crying is just a way for her to express her feeling. She definitely felt better after that. Good thing you didn't stop her from crying.

Anonymous said...


Eric said...

best not to make promises we cant keep then? (: