Friday, July 16, 2010

Awaiting my parents

Gotta say I'm getting tired of long distance travels now. The amount of traveling I did since April was excessive. I think I almost wasted the equivalent of a week's time on buses/trains/ planes alone. For most of it, I was traveling alone.

And thinking, and thinking, and thinking... until I'm too tired to think!

Perhaps it's because I've outgrown yet another phase of life. Whatever comes after seemed somewhat daunting.

Well since I was pulled into kindergarten at 5, life mainly revolved around education, and surviving examinations, one at a time. At 21 and a half, it's been 16.5 years of learning. If you think this is the end of examinations, you're too wrong.

Tis the time to put this 16.5 years of knowledge to the ultimate test, and see what I can make of myself. There's no one else to blame for failures, no more resits, no more misuse of extenuating circumstances to my own advantage.

More than ever now, learning has to continue, more, faster and harder! If I want to achieve what I want. There are people out there, who wants it too, and they will do anything they can to beat me to it. But guess what, I know what I want, and I want it BAD. So back off people. Better give up before you get disappointed.

I'm just kidding about the last paragraph. Or maybe I'm not.

Looking back on the 16.5 years, the last 4 was undoubtedly the most challenging. To date, I am still astonished that I made it to the end of my Masters degree, and have my name ready to be read on Graduation Day.

Of the many times when I just broke down and cried from stress and depression, I really (honestly, genuinely, wholeheartedly) thought I didn't have what it takes to make it to the end of the road. Ask my mother how I cried to her on the phone from a toilet cubicle because I thought I failed a paper back in Year 2. Thank goodness, I never failed a single paper throughout my uni years. It's an achievement on its own. But lo and behold, I learned that a little perseverance, determination and hard work goes a long way. Especially when lacking in natural talent. Cliche, but true. There is a reason why words along these lines are overused, simply because there is truth to it.

All these fond memories of education, I will replay in my head, as I prepare to accept the scroll I worked so hard for. The finishing line will be reached next Tuesday. Wait for it.

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