Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quickie continuation

Sometimes, all it takes is just one weekend to turn everything around.

I've just had my 13th week review with my new tutor on Friday. It was an incredibly long discussion, that left me very very satisfied in the end. She does not work Fridays. Taking into consideration that she travelled all the way to work, plucked me out from the dispensary, bought me F&B at Costa while we had our review, I am super pleased with my new tutor. My previous tutor was good too, she did her best with the limited number of hours that she had. But THIS, is a world apart by far! Relevant paperwork signed off and ready to go, future progress plans to put in place. Watch out because this prereg is putting her foot down on the accelerator. VROOMMMM!!!

That's work sorted. Now on to Finances.

Last weekend I was in Cambridge with a few lovely Pharmey girls. This weekend, I'm in Oxford again as a good girl, eager to sort her life out. I am very pleased to have joined two new banks, with FULL intention to leave my current bank. Overall I am extremely glad to have remembered that a good bank can make my money work as hard as I do, instead of sitting there, growing not bigger, and not just mould. It is risky, what I've done, committing to 2 banks, to make the most of the small savings that I'm starting out with. This means I have a bit of 'banking homework' to do every month. But I believe the rewards at the end could be very much worthwhile, even so if I had managed them properly. Before I take on the world, I must be able to manage my own world. The benefits are always here to be reaped, but visible only for those who seek. If all goes well, I will apply for my very own (not daddy's supplementary) credit card.

Groceries have been sorted which is good! Laundry I will do tomorrow. I'm looking forward to go out for a couple of theatre performances in November with a good friend. Dinner with at least 3 other lovely people in Oxford is super overdue. Frankly I'm delighted with how I'm gradually gaining social life in quaint little (okay not so little) Oxford, despite working full time, and being away from town almost every weekend. Happy as I am with creating a mini social life, I am still determined to keep this to a happy medium because this year could make a huge difference to my career, and thus my future. I need to plan with utmost care.

Plus a new hair cut from Toni & Guy Oxford with Holly to boot!
Am super pleased with how she made my wish come true. BIG HAIR, with just a tiny bit of length cut off. When I think I look good, I feel good :)

Overall, am very pleased with how everything has settled now. 16 weeks completed of my first full time permanent job. 36 to go.

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