Thursday, November 04, 2010

Quickie Lunch Break Update

A lunch break 'quikie' update.
The past couple of months of my life would have beat the drama on Gossip Girl flat. Like FLAT. I am so through with the chaos. For November, I foresee the erratic patterns calm down. In order to do that I'll need a little extra time and energy. And set my life straight.
One of the most important updates that I am very proud to announce, is that I've set my finances straight. New solutions and investments have been put in place, and we'll see where that'll take me.
On the other hand, I am putting travel plans on a temporary hold. I've visited many of my friends, and heard all sorts. For most of them, I am very very pleased to see them doing so well. Especially my classmates. I am, truly proud of them for coping so well after they've taken flight away from our Nottingham 'nest'. It inspires me to keep overcoming the adversities life is throwing at me in my career.
Work is improving, but the process is painfully slow. I'm doing something about it. Call me impatient, but I'm not going to be held back.
To be continued... (probably on my next lunch break)

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