Sunday, December 05, 2010

By my 22nd birthday

On 10.29pm Dec 4th 2010, I have clocked in 21 full years in my lifetime.

= 252 months
= 7, 665 days
= 183, 960 hours
= 11, 037, 600 minutes
= 662, 256, 000 seconds

(Yes I know my time of birth even, to the minute!)

And I'd like to reflect every significant milestone in the first part of my life. As part of a nostalgic reflex response to old age. Also to kind of wrap everything up, so as to prepare for the next landmark of life, which I suppose is on my 30th birthday *gulp*

Academic wise, I think I did almost everything that was expected of me. Albeit, not quite exceeding expectations, for I was never one that was extraordinarily gifted. But reasonably successful, in a mediocre kind of way.

I survived the entire Malaysian education system: PTS, UPSR, PMR, SPM. That, was an achievement on its own that took up 10 years of my life, up till I was 16. Next up, I conquered 'A' Levels (yay!), and then proceeded to scrape through the most challenging, tormenting challenge yet, The Mortifying MPharm(hons)!!! (Three cheers)

However, The Mortifying MPharm at Nottingham was worth its weight in gold. I secured my job a year prior to graduated, and started my first day a week after graduation. The progression of my life, from one phase to another, was transient but quick! Almost dreamlike, and I am eternally grateful to all that has made this happen for me, be it The Powers That Be, or the support system around me.

On my 21st year, I have achieved:

-agonizingly, an MPharm(hons). So I am now, a GRADUATE, muahahahaha...
-my first proper job, with a very decent starting salary
-watched The Phantom of the Opera (the musical) in London
(been wanting too ever since I read the book in when I was 13)
- been to the world's largest magic convention, and met world champions =D
- organized a huge Gala Show, so successfully it earned the Best Event in uni for 2009/2010.
- booked my first return flight to go home with entirely my self-earned money.
- booked my first overseas holiday with entirely my self-earned money.
(It's not flying UK to a nearby EU country by the way. Get this - I am going to DUBAI in the Middle East. Not EU/ ASIA. And yes I am damn proud of it.)

I couldn't have achieved all that if not for the fabulous people I have around me. My family, and a the loveliest friends one can ever dream of having. I even have to thank people who have made my life difficult/ miserable, because they made me stronger, to be who I am today. Bless you all.

As at 4th December 2010, I have been 4 months into my new job as a Pre-registration Pharmacist. That means I have just over 6 more months until my Registration Exam, which will be the toughest, and most significantly life changing obstacle yet.

My targets before my 22nd birthday will be:

- To pass my registration exam, and get the big fat pharmacist income, to get the respect and recognition that I deserve.
(Trust me, when people see that 'Pharmacist' name on your nametag, they don't easily take the piss out of you, eventhough they've just had an evil go at your dispenser)
- To obtain my UK Driver's license, and buy a my very own car! (a decent second hand, of course!)

Small goals, but Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed (SMART). Whoa a Pre-reg competency on its own, hehehe... Wish me luck everyone!

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