Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mixed Feelings

Brilliant, just brilliant! I forgot to bring back my phone cable from campus again. I am such a smartass. No pictures for this entry then.

"Life is a rollercoaster..." Ronan Keating sings.

Sometimes I wonder if life would be much different if humans aren't "blessed" with emotions. They are complicated, and tough on the human brain. Feelings change, from time to time, place to place, sometimes it does the body good, sometimes it does harm. If sadness ceases to exist, humans will never know what happiness truly means, and vice versa.

Sure, happiness and other feelings that fall into that category does the body good. Although in peculiar little ways, only Mother Nature can come up with. Not forgetting the addictive psychological effect it has on humans. It only creates more lust for happiness, enticing cravings for the same feelings, or even something more powerful than the previous, just to feed human's selfish needs. Everyone's after happiness as they think it is bliss.

But I beg to differ.

Happiness is pure evil. Its existence mean nothing more than a temptation for vulnerable humans. To achieve hapiness, humans discovered disappointment, sadness. Psychological endurance are pushed to edging limits, in more unfortunate cases, it pulled some human's venture for happiness to an ultimate halt. In the pursuit of "happiness", many have endured endless sufferings of various degrees. Those who have experienced it claim to have accepted it willingly in the name of sacrification. I wonder did anyone ever question whether it is worthwhile to continue working hard toward the goal of achieving "happiness". Especially when so many people whom I dearly love are not having the time of their lives, solely because they feel "happiness" have eluded them.

But, what do I know? I'm just a confused 17 year old suffering from mixed feelings right now. I shall pour my heart out on this entry.

I'm happy because:
- I'm back home, eating good food, and living comfortably.
- The duckies are big and strong.
- My new roomies and I are getting along very well indeed, and we're making strong bonds. (Suddenly I felt like I was talking about chemistry.)
- I can shoot basketballs quite decently now.
- Mun's finally turning 13 today.
- I get to eat cakes today!
- I like the BoA CD Ken lent me.
- I got several new decent chat buddies.

I'm upset because:
- Mom's sick.
- I'm sick too. This period thing is dreadfully painful, wish I don't have a Nervous System.
- Work in university is piling up badly, and I don't understand a thing.
- I've got a moron for a lecturer. Yes, he is THAT bad.
- Yuen might be leaving us.
- I miss the old chicken.
- A couple who were my nannies when I was young passed away. (Missed you guys dearly.)
- My favourite bedside lamp is damaged beyond repair.
- My handphone has a slight scratch on it because I so cleverly put it in the same compartment where I would find my keys.
- There aren't any F1 races this week.
- I have yet to watch The Devil Wears Prada.

There. It's all out. Laugh at my stupidity.

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chengyee said...

Most guys like girls who wear small earrings, especially those unnoticeable ones.

And, you will never hope not to have nervous system, lol...