Sunday, October 22, 2006

Smelling like the cafeteria...

When everyone starts smelling like the cafeteria...

You know that its after lunch hour.

You know that the cafeteria have just been deodorised by stink-absorbing students.

You know that the clock tower will chime more than 2 times from then on.

You know that some students are glad to have finished their classes for the day.

You know that others are more than ready to nap in the classroom for the following classes.

You know everyone is, yet again, complaining about bad food.

You know everyone has just gone a little bit poorer.

You know everyone's dying to bathe.

You know everyone's trousers/ skirt has just got tighter.

All the above doesn't matter.

The cafeteria still STINKS!

Why, oh why must they cook inside? They should really upgrade the ventilation system. Students are suffocating in there. Many brain cells died with every inhalation of cafeteria air. Blame the cafeteria for bad grades!

Being the sole provider for food on campus, hence limiting our food choices to a maximum, the least they could do is provide DECENT EDIBLE food. After all, they'll be earning off the pockets of most of the campus population, and unfortunately for some, 3 times a day, for a whole year! So they shink, we all know that. What we also know is that their food is, sad to say, nowhere near edible. The same old servings everyday, every meal. The same bad taste, and worse, the same naughty staff.

I must say I'm more than extremely glad to have a talented accountant-in-the-making cum chef to be living with us in Number 58. To our delight, Lynnette whips up mouthwatering dishes occasionally to share with us. What I'd usually do is to "tar pao" plain rice from the cafeteria back up to the kitchen, where I know delicious food will be waiting for me to savour. But there will always be several mischievious Indian fellas who would always try to test my patience.

Case 1: Conversation with Indian Dude #1
"Nasi putih biase, bungkus."
*He scoops just a spoonful into the styrofoam container, much to my annoyance*
"Tak cukup lah, bagi banyak sikit..."
*He adds half a bowl of rice*
"tambah lagi satu mangkuk, boleh tak?"
*He stares wide eyed at me, then says...*
"Ah moi, jangan makan banyak sangat, nanti gemuk"
*I smile and try very very hard not to show him 3 of my fingers*

Case 2: Conversation with Indian Dude #2
"Nasi putih, saje. Berapa?"
"Lima Ringgit, kak."
"Haha, jangan main lah, cakap betul-betul, berapa?"
*He shows me a yellowish toohty grin*
"Satu ringgit lah."
*Again, I try to hold those 3 fingers to myself, sighing about my hard luck with meeting staff like that.*

Why me??? I don't see them bugging the others... *sob sob*

I don't like the cafeteria. I've got that set in my mind. The constant hassle of having to trade crisp real money for monopoly-like paper money is annoying enough to irritate me after a long day of classes. I may or may not be biased. Go figure.

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Shiromanjuu said...

urms...learn how to cook from her?then
u can cook urself rite? ^^