Saturday, October 14, 2006

the tale of me and jewelleries...


Just in case some of you don't know, Suet Mun is my other younger sister.

Haha, this is a VERY ancient photo, back in June 2005, one of my favourites though. She's the rascal on the far right.

Let me introduce the Trio: We have SnowBell (me), SnowFlake (Suet Wah), and SnowKiss (Suet Mun)

Teeheehee... The Snow Sistahz! For Mandarin Noobs out there, the word Snow is derived from our mandarin names, and translations will give you these very adorable names!

This inspired us to get a Snowy gift for our little sister.

A SnowFlake necklace! There goes several of my lunches. It was worth it. She's a big girl now, at 13 years old. Getting gifts are not exactly my forte, but jewelleries are a safe choice, for girls especially. Except for...


Eversince I was little, I remember Mom would force me to wear some hideous looking gold coloured (not sure if they really are gold, never asked) necklaces, especially during functions. And oh, how much did I dreaded those chains! I would tug and tug and eventually get it off whenever she has her attention somewhere else. Don't tell me it's pretty, I don't like stuff hanging on my neck. On my ears too! As you may have guessed by now, she did try to force me to pierce my ears. Thank God I was (and still am) as stubborn as a mule, and never gave in to her demand. I don't see any point in puncturing any part of my body just so I can poke something through for the sake of looking pretty. What's even more ridiculous, is spending money to puncture ear lobes, suffer the pain, then spend even more moolah on buying stuff to cover the hole you've just created. With opportunistic bloodsucking entrepreneurs haunting our streets, they prey on women's thirst for cutesy, shiny, and "pretty" stuff to decorate themselves, charging a bomb for every little thing.

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings.... latest ones include belly rings, nose rings... God knows what's next. Seriously, is it really that pretty? I don't see why wearing these are gonna make you seem more attractive. Trust me on this, most guys won't even notice if you wear earrings. They also dont' really care if you accessories match your outfit. Yes, my dears, they can be THAT insensitive, reality IS harsh. In addition to the fact that we're in Malaysia, be well adorned in such accessories, and you'll risk bring the prime target of snatch-thieves.

This, in my opinion is what I call unnecessary indulgence. All in the name of beauty? Bullshit. Beware, I'm not your ordinary girly girl. I kick, and yeah, I bite too. Challenge me?

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