Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nasty November, memories of October.

It's soooo hectic! My hours of classes per week have just soared to a peak of 23 hours per day. Not taken into account yet is the hours I spent sprinting from class/labs/ library , to library/lab/class. Not forgetting the number of lunches that I missed for those extra hours of lab/ library work, then the number of Maggi Cup that served me ever so loyally, and consistently throughout the semester. Sure, we don't have homeworks that are due the next morning like when we're back in primary school. But our self-assigned homeworks feels much more tedious and stressful, than those assigned by teachers.

Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines... argh! Better have Rumah Bahagia's number handy, just in case. I think I'm experiencing moments of Stress-Overdrive-Insanity already. Chocolates ans Pringles help ease me up, so I make sure I have ample of supply, and keeps up with a diet consisting of much sugar and calories. Somehow, I keep feeling that my pants are getting more loose by the day... from pullin gup my pants 2 or 3 times a day to several times every few minutes. This cannot continue! What if my pants really fall off one day??? I don't want people staring at my colourful collection of underwears, even if I think they're gorgeous. Shy ma!

There's pretty much nothing to blog about. So I'll just put up a paragraph as a brief summary of my week.

Sleep has been scarse, as I struggle to cope with lab preparations and revision. Whole day labs, it's like a brain cell killing spree. 10am till 5pm okay? I mean, it's like my 3rd home! I'm so sick and tired of it. Preparations alone take several days, costing many meals in between. Pharmacy students, I noticed are being trained physically too. The amount of arm muscle work and leg work (the sprintings, I mean, you only see pharmacy students do that) is enough to keep us as well trained as school athletes, at least. Sleeping at 3/4am is now part of my lifestyle. My only retreat is now attending guitar lessons with Fluffy, and chilling with my roomies after class. What's fun throughout the whole week was mamak-ing, and watching the starry night sky with Fluffy and Ken. I felt so stressfree that time. I just realised that I've let my work take over my life, depriving me of all the little pleasures in life, preventing me from enjoying and savouring them. Thursday nights are times when I can afford to take some time off to relax. I missed the Cultural Night event, which I really wanted to attend, initially intended to get some really exotic Henna Tattos on my waist, but duty calls. Sigh, don't really know how long can I keep it up like this. I certainly hope it'll all pay off someday, somehow.

The following week has much to offer, this I'm glad to say. Enough to keep my sanity in check, I think. Monday is Pillow-Case-Bag day! Look out for Pharmacy Students dragging their stuffs in their pillowcases! Grab a camera and take a shot with us ya? Then there's my first official lesson with Rubens, my assigned guitar tutor by the Music Society. I'm really looking forward to it, am very very keen to pick up this new skill. Also, Mr. BDB is having his 2nd SuperStar audition on Saturday! Wish him tons of luck...

As for today, I've decided to go return to campus much later than usual. Having a family gathering later in the day, wee! More non-Semenyih food!

A few days ago, I noticed my blog's rather photo deprived, so here're some photos from October.

Daddy's Birthday, Oct 25th.

The boyish 49 year-old...

Now he's cheeky...

"Almondy", from Sweden. Super yummy I tell you!

We love daddy!!!

Mid-Autumn's Festival!

Having fun with the neighbours kids.

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Mummy & Daddy dating, in lantern light under a full-moon... so romantic! teeheehee~~

My bro, Shien being the greedy lil monster... lols...

He took all the lanterns and left none for me *upset*

I got one! But abit suspicious... Maybe got bomb...

A BIG BABY playing with lanterns >>> HAPPY~~!

You'd notice that this entry is rather hastily put together. Sorry, like I said, life's really hactic and I'm currently going through Brain-Juice-Drought. Bear with me.

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