Thursday, November 23, 2006

Week 9

Time flies...
But annoyingly, at times, Father Time crawls too.

At speeds not even comparable to that of a newborn trying to crawl for it's too bloody slow, one can't help but to just feel totally helpless, and thoroughly annoyed.

Time has no mercy on me when I'm having that rare taste of sweet dream, when I'm having a pillow fight with my roomies just this evening, and also when I'm enjoying a warm, soothing bath in the shower. It rushes by like a drop of water moving through the rapids.
And yet, I'm powerless to do anything against the will of Father Time.

Sometimes I wonder if Time has misunderstood my plead for it to keep away from the accelerator. It overdoes the deceleration during a certain lecturer's hour of limelight. To say the least, it totally gets on my nerves.

I don't care if you look good to some, and that you've got a cute butt. Bloody learn how to speak a full sentence without several 3 second intervals in between. By repeating "So basically" and "So"more than a hundred times an hour doesn't make you a very tolerable presentor either. They claim that you've improved, and I'll give you due credit by acknowledging it. Sadly, it's not good enough for a lecturer at this level, especially when my colleagues, or your students can work through a presentation in a much more acceptable manner. Where have you hid your confidence? I can sense your doubts right back here on the third row. I don't see any reason why I should take your words for granted now, for you should know better than anyone else that professionals in our field cannot such the luxury of being in doubt, the consequence may just be too bitter to be beared.

With utmost understanding of your position as a newbie at lecturing, and your young age, I do not believe in compromising the grades of a batch of promising students who could otherwise be great just because we care for an incompetent individual. I'm neither challenging your position, nor attempting to get you fired, although I'm perfectly clueless as to why you were granted the privilege of being the bearer of wisdom from which we should tap from in the first place. They must've saw something in you that I have not, yet.

At least, I hope that is true. Buck up, for as much as I hate to admit this, our future lies in your hands. Unleash the potential that you may have, somewhere hidden inside you. Time waits for no one. Learn to earn my respect, for you do not deserve it, not yet. I believe I'm not too stubborn to the extent that my mind cannot be changed at all. Do it, or lose it. That's all I ask of you. And stop with that idiotic smile of yours, ewww... Your smile doesn't answer our questions, at the same time, it's nowhere near charming. Losing that stinky cologne that everyone hates will be great too! That'll save me from having to "accidentally" spill any better smelling chemicals we use during our Dispensing Lab session. Oh, and I don't care if it toxic or corrosive, Muahahaha...

Funnily enough, paranoia , irritation or anger doesn't describe what I'm feeling right now, as many would've wrongly assumed in the first place. As I'm writing this, I'm feeling a little smug for having done a decent dose of revision over the past few days. Fatigue is still haunting me, though naps have finally found their way back into my routine. Maybe it was the pillow fight that we had just now, a little bonding moment we shared, lol, good times definitely. Just a couple of minutes ago, I was lying down at the circular area in the middle of the campus watching the starry night sky. Perhaps the only good thing that Semenyih has to offer is a clear night sky, where you can see stars in numbers that you can no longer count with your fingers and toes, especially when you're in good company *winkz*. That time of the month is also here to make a life a more complicated, besides a little minor bodily malfunctions that's nothing much to worry about. A little headache, chapped lips, dry skin here and there, but that's about it. I guess this is the time when everyone start getting a little worked up with their coursework, while everything else starts taking its toll on the human body.

We are not super humans after all. I'll take this as an experiment to see how far I can push my tiny little body.

P/s: PharmNotts will be organising a Blood Donation Drive next Monday. The main criteria for donors are above 18, above 45kgs, not having period, HIV and Hepatitis free. I can't donate, because I'm disqualified by some of the required criterias. But I do hope those who can will be wiling to contribute. Remember, what goes around, comes around. You may just need that bit of good karma one day. Please support our cause! All donations go to The National Blood Bank.

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tze said...

i'm your senior, poh seik's friend.. remember?

haha and you're talking about mr khoo right? last year all our chemistry classes were taught by doughty and this year.. i skip all the classes by khoo teng jin. and haha did he pull the same thing he did with us? he showed off his stupid contributions about dunno what cancer drug blablabla for a full 5 minutes the first moment he entered the class. bloody show off.

but in retrospect, he's an okay person la. i agree to what you've said, it is not our job to make sure he has a nice time teaching although he can't teach for nuts, it is his job to ensure we've learned well.