Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last of 2006

Yes, yes, I know I haven't blogged in, like, AGES already. Don't blame me, blame my exams. More on that later. For now, I want to finish recording my last moments in the last month of 2006. Hence, thought it's now 9 pm on the 12th of January 2007, I shall post this as if it's written on the 31st of December 2006. I'm too lazy too crap, so you guys are lucky *sniggers*

13th December 2006

This is Manjula, whose "CHOSEN ONE" happened to be, none other than moi. This really sweet senior of mine gave me a chirstmas gift in the event of our PharmNott's Xmas Gift Exchange. I drew Jojo's name from the lucky draw, but was unable to get a shot with her when I gave her the gift, because she seemed so busy. However, that very pretty lass was very sweet on our Christmas dinner and came to say thanks. My seniors are sooo nice! Photos on the Xmas Dinner later.

The gifts I received throughout the semester, on my very messy table in my flat. The photoframe thingy is a gift from Say Yuen, brought all the way from Dubai. The the Lil' Santa word and the Santa Globe comes from Manjula, and the glass dolphin (my favourite animal!) is a birthday gift from Ken. These are the only beauties on that very ugly table of mine. You should've seen it before i cleaned it after my exams recently. I can hardly find anything in that dumpster. That Pringles was my loyal destresser. Thank God for JUNKFOOD! Oh, and that can of oat, has been my breakfast for the entire semester EVERYDAY, without fail. I miss the times when I have Char Kway Teow for breakfast.

9th December 2006

MeiLynn, and Yuen Chang, my LaiMeng classmates back when I was in Standard 6. After so many years, I'm still the shortest, sigh... Bye Yuen Chang, I hope you are having fun in the States now. For the other 6U mates who happened to pass by, we'll be returning to LaiMeng on the 19th of January, for details, please contact Eugene.

7th December 2006
Selayang Hospital Visit!!!

With Say Yuen, all dressed up as instructed, Formally and Conservatively. I went shopping for this outfit on purpose. Like our professional look? Hehe... But then, no matter how well we're dressed...

No one can even tell if we're wearing just bikinies under that labcoat. Heck, I can't even see if i wore anything on my legs under that coat! Oh, and that's VoonMay, the lovely pre-registration Pharmacist who showed us around. She managed to finish the Pharmacy course okay? That's like sooo GREAT, she'll be my new idol. This first semester is already a killer for me.

This is dear Mr.Wong, my personal tutor. Who would've guessed he's turn up with a funky tie. I could've sworn it looked like a Mickey tie from say 500 metres away. He used to head the Pharmacy department in this hospital I heard, and now he teaches us microbiology. He may look rather ancient, but those stuff in his skull is nowhere near expiration. Seriously, he's still lightyears away from losing his mind due to old age. Experience does matter sometimes.

6th December 2007

Lookie who I found catching some forty winks in the administration building. He didn't even realise that I was giggling like a schoolgirl for several minutes. Next time Seetho, don't work too late on assignments!

5th December 2007

Ken took us to a restaurant in Semenyih we fondly call "House". Look, we have a traffic light among us! That's Lynnette in green, Lilian in yellow, and Ken in red.

Yes, this is the shot where Ken complained about having to bend all the way down . What's wrong with that? The weather down here seems fine to me.
*tongue out to you*